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    European Surveillance

    Listing Review

    Verifies that issuers comply with listing requirements and practical information about listing applications.

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    With regards to the listing process, the surveillance function is a gatekeeper. Surveillance handles the formal part of the listing process, which generally include the assessments on whether the applicant or the instrument fulfills the requirements of the market place. The review and qualifications process differs significantly between different products and, to some extent, jurisdictions, but the fundamental principles are the same. Products admitted to trading must fulfill the formal requirements in law and regulation, be suitable for trading and there must be conditions in place to support price formation and orderly trading.  


    The listing criteria for First North are less onerous than what is the case for the regulated market and the process itself is simplified in comparison. The listing process does not involve an Exchange Auditor or the Listing Committee. A company that seeks to list with First North should first contact a Certified Advisor and then engage with the exchange to commence the listing process. The decision to approve an application will be taken by the Surveillance function.


    For support, please contact us using the following details:


    For support, please contact us using the following details:

    Listing Review

    Stockholm  ->

    In most listing processes, the issuer and, if relevant, the selling party, will work actively with several advisors, to prepare the company for its listing. In the Nasdaq Stockholm listing process, the issuer will also interact with two parties that represent the exchange.

    Helsinki  ->

    A company aiming to be listed in Helsinki will start the listing process by choosing its legal and financial advisors. Advisors will prepare the issuer for the listing process, evaluate the readiness and advise the company in its future role as a listed company.

    Copenhagen  ->

    When a company is to be admitted to trading on the regulated market, the process leading up to the first day of trading involves several different actors.

    First North  ->

    Companies that wish to apply to be traded on First North must engage an Adviser. It is the Adviser that has the obligation to provide support and to ensure that the company initially as well as continuously meets the obligations associated with having shares admitted to trading on First North.

    Iceland  ->

    When preparing for an admission to trading, the issuer and, if relevant, the selling party, will usually work actively with several advisors, both legal and financial, to prepare the issuer for an admission to trading and, if applicable, the offering and distribution of the relevant financial instruments.

    European Surveillance - General Listing forms

    General Listing Forms


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    Disciplinary Process

    European Disciplinary Processes

    In Nasdaq Nordic, the Surveillance function is responsible for disciplinary procedures.


    Annual & Quarterly Surveillance Reports

    These reports describe the main day-to-day activities and achievements within Nordic Surveillance.