Corporate Actions Middleware (CAM)

rapid notification of Corporate Action events for Nordic stock-related instruments

This Solution Helps

  • Banks

Simplify corporate action surveillance and processing with Nasdaq Nordic’s CAM solution.


Corporate Action Surveillance Highlights


  • Rapid notification. Corporate action information from Nasdaq Nordic’s exchanges and marketplaces is published without delay in the CAM system.

  • A ready-to-use web application that presents corporate action information in a collected and consistent way.

  • All notifications are also available as formatted SWIFT-messages directly on the web.
  • Corporate Action Data can be distributed through file and/or web.


Scope and standard

The Nordic corporate action coverage includes stock related instruments that are traded on:

  • Nasdaq Stockholm
  • Nasdaq Copenhagen
  • Nasdaq Helsinki
  • Nasdaq Iceland
  • First North Stockholm
  • First North Copenhagen
  • First North Helsinki
  • First North Iceland
  • Aktietorget
  • NGM Nordic Growth (including Nordic MTF)
  • Oslo Børs (including Axess)

Events are presented according to the Security Market Practice Group guiding principles.

Calendar View

The corporate actions calendar view presents the event types that are of importance for a certain date. Events are published for the date when it has its last subscription date, record date, pay date etc.

Detailed conditions are defined together with the event type. The purpose of the calendar view is to clearly present when custody actions need to be taken for the CA events.

Aggregated Event View

The aggregated view presents live updates of events and has a variety of search functions which makes it possible to see the events or event types in customized views.

Each CA event has a unique CA reference which makes it possible to follow the status and the lifecycle of events. Each event can be viewed as a SWIFT formatted message linked to the CA reference.

Main Benefits

Rapid Notifications

Information about corporate actions is derived directly from the Nordic exchanges and market places operated by Nasdaq Nordic. Notifications are published in our CAM system without delay.

Time-saving SWIFT Formatted Events

Use SWIFT formatted events for quick, automatic processing of corporate events with minimized risk of human errors.

One Single Source for all Corporate Action Information

Nasdaq Nordic’s CAM service makes corporate action processing more streamlined and efficient by collecting all Nordic corporate action information in one place, with consistent formatting, for best possible overview.

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