Regulatory Reporting Service for the Nordic Markets

- efficient reporting to investment firms, Approved ARMs, trade repositories and ACER

This Solution Helps

  • Banks & Brokers

Spend less time on regulatory requirements using our reporting services

By using Nasdaq Nordic’s regulatory reporting services, you can spend less time and effort staying on top of ever-changing regulatory reporting requirements. Our solutions and services are always up-to-date, backed by experienced experts.

Transaction Reporting – MiFID II

MiFID II compliant Transaction Reporting for the Nordic and Baltic markets.

One of the key directives under MiFID II is the obligation for market participants to submit transaction reports to their relevant Financial Services Authority (FSA). The Transaction Reporting Service is suitable for customers that require assistance preparing these reports so that they, or their Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM), can in turn submit them to the FSA.

The Nasdaq MiFID II Transaction Reporting Service includes:

  • Scheduled delivery of validated TRS reports of transactions that are executed on Nasdaq markets to you or your ARM.
  • Predefined reports for the Nordic and Baltic markets to enable you to manually upload your data for conversion into correctly formatted and validated ISO XML reports as defined by MiFID II.

Using Nasdaq’s reporting system TRACK you can:

  • View the status of reports you have approved and submitted to the relevant FSA in real-time.
  • Correct and resend any reports as may be required.

You can communicate with TRACK using the web interface FTP or via a client specific solution with integration to one or multiple systems.


Derivatives Reporting - EMIR

Delegate the reporting of your derivative contract trades to Nasdaq. We offer a complete EMIR Trade Reporting Service.

One of the key directives under The European Market Infrastructure Regulation, EMIR, is the obligation to report all derivatives contracts to a Trade Repository. The EMIR Trade Reporting Service is suitable for customers that can delegate the reporting of their, or their clients’, trades. The EMIR Trade Reporting Service is fully compliant with the reporting obligations under EMIR Article 9.

The Nasdaq EMIR Trade Reporting Service Includes:

  • Establishing connectivity with relevant Trade Repositories.
  • Reporting of derivatives contracts traded and cleared on Nasdaq Nordic.
  • Reporting of OTC derivatives transactions that are not traded or cleared by Nasdaq Nordic.
  • The possibility to report the trades of customers’ and clients.
  • The ability for members to add required data to derivatives transactions for reporting.
  • Daily updates to the Trade Repository of collateral and mark-to-market valuations.
  • Reporting feedback of submitted reports.


Using the EMIR Trade Reporting Service web interface, you can:

  • View status of submitted reports.
  • View status of individual reported transactions.
  • Search for historical reports.
  • Review and confirm Nasdaq generated reports.
  • Create new transactions for reporting.
  • Export data for further processing.


New transactions may also be uploaded via the application as CSV-files.

Wholesale Energy Market Reporting - REMIT

Delegate the reporting of your energy contract orders and trades to Nasdaq. We offer a complete REMIT Trade Reporting Service that covers the derivatives markets.

One of the key directives under the EU Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) is the obligation for market participants to report wholesale energy market contracts, including orders to trade, within the EU, to the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER).

According to REMIT, the wholesale energy market encompasses both spot markets and derivative markets. The reporting obligation includes both exchange traded and OTC contracts.

Nasdaq is approved as a Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM) with ACER and can report trades and orders to ACER on behalf of our market participants. Our REMIT reporting service includes trades and orders on Nasdaq Oslo ASA and Nasdaq Stockholm AB.

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