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This Solution Helps

  • Banks
  • Brokers


For More Efficient Transactions and Lower Costs

60% of the capacity required to process a securities transaction, is associated with back-office operations. As a customer, you gain access to an intelligent and flexible back-office system that links together the Nordic markets, simplifies the settlement of trades and facilitates cross-border trading.

Focus on Your Core Business

Based on our extensive experience of stock market operations and technology development for the financial market, we can ensure customized and optimized operations, both in terms of costs and time. We interact directly with the market on behalf of your company, with no intermediary.

Overview of Benefits

  • Reduces resource requirements and eliminates costly and unnecessary back-office investments.
  • Reduces costs per transaction and lowers a company’s administrative risks.
  • Allows quick and cost-efficient adaptations to the operations following industrial and/or regulatory changes.
  • Assists companies in building up and/or developing their own back-office operations.
  • Facilitates expansion and establishment in new markets.

A Nordic Back Office Hub

Our back-office system is connected to all relevant systems in the Nordic countries, for quicker and more cost-efficient transactions management.

Our back-office system is connected to the Nasdaq Nordic operated exchanges, to the Oslo Stock Exchange, the CSD of each country and to the SWIFT network – plus your own systems and applications. This way, we can handle transactions both quicker and more cost-efficient – while simultaneously reducing your company’s operational risks.

Key Benefits

Lower Back Office Cost Per Transaction

Efficient solutions reduces your costs per transaction and lowers your company’s administrative risks.

Reduced Need of Back Office Staff and Investments

Reduce resource requirements and minimize the need for back-office investments and operational staff.


- Safekeeping of cash and securities
- Corporate action management
- Settlement processing
- Multi-instrument set up
- Connection to Swedish CSD/ market places/ market data vendors/
- TRS support
- Tax reporting

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