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Provides a way for you to view the latest content directly from your favorite RSS reader. You can also use the RSS feed to automatically display headlines on your own website.

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What is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS is a popular way to pull in news and information from across the Web. RSS allows web sites to easily push content to subscribers directly. Subscribers are instantly updated with the latest information and news from web servers.

Say you come across information you find important or interesting. A click or two and it now feeds directly to your My Yahoo!, My MSN, or My AOL page. This "feed" is information straight from the website delivering the latest possible news.

How do I use/subscribe to RSS?

To view and subscribe to RSS feeds you need either:

  • RSS reader software
  • An account with a webhost which offers RSS services.

Most major email and internet service providers offer RSS for it's users. Use the generated URL to subscribe to NASDAQ feeds.