Abdo Zein Al Abedeen headshot 2022

Abdo Zein Al Abedeen

QA Test Specialist

I might not be able to change the entire world, but it is surely worth trying. I sleep better at night knowing that there is at least one person that I was able to help.

Abdo Zein Al Abedeen, a QA Test Engineer Senior Specialist based in Nasdaq’s Vilnius, Lithuania office, has always been passionate about helping refugees. Shortly after joining Nasdaq in 2015, he was able to apply his passion and carry out translation work for refugees to Lithuania, from countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Speaking both Arabic and Russian, Abdo often volunteers his time to help refugees with a language barrier to settle down and navigate the next chapter of their lives.

He was named Nasdaq Volunteer of the Year in 2017 as a result of his efforts.

In 2020, Abdo took another step to aid refugees in Lithuania. He worked closely with Chief Executive Officer Shimmy Mehta of Angelwish, an organization Nasdaq has partnered with since 2015, and helped establish Angelwish’s presence in Lithuania. 

Now the non-profit organization has a Refugees Reception Center in Rukla, a town that sits right outside of Vilnius. The institution offers special social services and social integration programs for foreigners that need temporary stays.

In addition, this past winter, Abdo reached out to refugee women and teenage girls in Tajikistan, asking if they could knit socks for disadvantaged children in Lithuania. To start his outreach, Abdo created public posts using social media sites like Facebook, and encouraged the volunteers to get involved in the cause. In the end, 43 pairs of socks were crafted.

Photos of socks created

To deliver the items, Abdo then partnered with Caritas, an organization that Nasdaq has partnered with for the past two years, to allocate a community in need of warm socks. The items, along with cards and sweets, were packaged by Caritas and distributed to disadvantaged Lithuanian children in a day center called “Vilties angelas.” 

By making these connections and rallying items to support refugees in need, Abdo took his role of leading with purpose to the next level.

“The sequences of our past events and experiences define who we are today,” Abdo said. “[Having] been there, seen it with my own eyes, felt it with my own skin, I know what it is like to be homeless without a possibility to return.”

He added: "So now, it is my human consciousness that drives me towards helping those who found themselves in a similar situation. I might not be able to change the entire world, but it is surely worth trying. I sleep better at night knowing that there is at least one person that I was able to help."

Ever since Abdo joined Nasdaq, he has been an active and integral member of the GoodWorks program, which elevates Nasdaq’s Purpose Initiative. Having always been interested in different cultures, Abdo joined Nasdaq due to the company’s wide international presence through its global business operations, providing him opportunities to travel to other countries, and allowing Abdo him to gain intercultural experiences. 

“Exchanging and sharing knowledge and expertise as well as supporting and having each other’s backs among the teams is one true quality and asset of Nasdaq,” he shared.

“Every day of working in the company brings me closer to achieving my professional growth,” he added.