Nasdaq ESG Data Portal

Objective and quantifiable Environment, Social and Governance data directly from listed companies

As part of Nasdaq's commitment to more sustainable markets and to the support of our listed companies, we have implemented this portal to provide a central database, compilation and repository for listing companies and investors alike to access ESG and performance metrics.

Nasdaq-listed firms seamlessly release their data directly into the portal, for compilation by Nasdaq into standardized ESG metrics which may then be integrated by each firm back into their portfolio and processes. The portal captures a wide range of actionable environmental, social and corporate governance data, providing a cost-effective manner for firms to showcase their ESG efforts.

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The Importance of ESG Data

Retail Investors

Retail investors are increasingly making strategic decisions based upon criteria that supports their personal values.


Various methods of ESG investment valuation take into account a company’s natural Environmental support, diverse Social contributions, and their operational Governance and leadership.

Investment Strategies

While ESG valuation can be subjective, directly-sourced data from the issuer can be objectively examined for alignment with an investment strategy’s socio-economic principles.

Demand for ESG Data
We have experienced an increasing demand for ESG performance data from our investors. It is essential for our investor dialogue that we are able to provide useful, robust and transparent ESG performance data.
Daniel Lerup, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, Ørsted
Demand for ESG Data
Investors seek out actionable ESG data to inform their portfolio strategies.

What Makes Nasdaq's ESG Data Different?

While competitors use third-party data to provide random, non-standardized ESG scoring, Nasdaq provides objective and quantifiable ESG metrics directly from the issuer – the “gold source” for company-specific data. Likewise, the centralized repository is ideal for investors seeking vetted, organized and standardized ESG metrics in combination with performance data to integrate into their strategies.

Use Cases

Investors are able to integrate the data into their portfolio and quantitative analysis, equity research, and screening processes. The risk assessment of an individual company can be created and compared with peer firms in the same sector and market size category. Screening of potential investments considers operational efficiency, risk oversight and transparency.

The portal also offers a centralized location for our listed firms to connect directly to investors and other stakeholders interested in ESG data. Using the interface, companies are able to showcase their ESG efforts in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

2019 ESG Reporting Guide

A support resource for public and private companies


ESG Data Portal Fact Sheet

Capturing the widest range of direct-source Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance data


ESG Data Portal Fact Sheet (For Investors)

Capturing the widest range of direct-source Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance data


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