Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network (NSBN)

provides detailed information on sustainable bonds for investment due diligence, selection and monitoring

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Introduction to the Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network 

Investing in tomorrow has a big impact on the world today. The Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network furthers the investment process for sustainable bonds by allowing investors to source detailed information for investment due diligence, selection and monitoring. The platform includes all documents, data and qualitative information submitted by issuers and disseminates the same information in a machine-readable format through proprietary market data feeds.

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The Basics of Sustainable Bonds

International standards define sustainability bonds as loans used to finance projects that bring clear environmental and social-economic benefits. Green bonds are defined as loans used to finance projects and activities that benefit the environment. Social bonds are used to finance projects achieving positive socio-economic outcomes for an identified target population, with neutral or positive impact on the environment. 

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Our Advisory Board

By combining Nasdaq’s sophisticated technology with transparency and a vision for a better tomorrow, NSBN equips investors to make data-driven decisions based on how funds raised by these bonds will be utilized to help create a more sustainable future. Our Advisory Board is devised of international issuers, investors, investment banks and sustainability experts from various regions (US, EU, Asia). The board will help develop the network over time to best support the global sustainable bond market.



Access the Data

The Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network holds data on allocation, impact, frameworks, certifications and bonds. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about the different ways of accessing the data. 

NSBN Sample Data

Join the Network


Our evaluation framework helps ensure that bonds are up to sustainability standards. Before issuers can publish securities on the platform, they must satisfy this criteria.



After that, issuers must submit an application to include their sustainable bonds on NSBN. Nasdaq will then confirm that your bond(s) fulfill the criteria.


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