Environmental, Social & Governance
Sustainability 3 - ADOBE

At Nasdaq, we are committed to advancing environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, as demonstrated by our recent disclosure of diversity metrics. Our global policies and guidelines are reflected in our commitment to reduce our energy consumption, as well as in our proven technology to produce more efficient global markets.

We provide frequent and robust reporting on our ESG efforts and continuously work to identify emerging ESG trends. We encourage our employees to participate in our ESG initiatives and engage with our clients and stakeholders to pursue ESG-related opportunities. 

Through Nasdaq GoodWorks, we work with more than 100 charities and community organizations. Our volunteerism and philanthropy efforts help to create an inclusive environment, as demonstrated by our growing number of employee networks.

Our commitment to making a better world

ESG Initiatives

  • Environment

    We are quantifying and reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

  • Social

    We engage with our employees and diverse communities by introducing global policies, guideline and education.

  • Commercial

    We perform timely risk-benefit analysis on current and emerging ESG trends to identify any potential impact and opportunities to Nasdaq.

  • Corporate & Reporting

    We provide frequent and robust updates and reporting on Nasdaq’s ESG progress.

Sustainability Series

Nasdaq's Sustainability Series is an ongoing conversation with organizations and companies working in sustainability, corporate responsibility and volunteerism.