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    ESG Commitments

    Devoted to long-term ESG advocacy, oversight and philanthropy

    At Nasdaq, we are committed to advancing ESG initiatives. In addition to providing frequent and robust reporting on our ESG efforts and continuously working to identify emerging ESG trends, we encourage our employees to participate in our ESG initiatives and engage with our clients and stakeholders to pursue ESG-related opportunities.

    Nasdaq’s 2021 Sustainability Report

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    Nasdaq's 2021 Sustainability Report

    We are committed to long-term ESG advocacy, oversight and philanthropy. Our 2021 report highlights our strategy to maximize our own organization’s impact on the progress toward a more sustainable world.

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    Our Ongoing Commitment

    Carbon Neutral

    We offset our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in 2018 and 2019—and are on track to maintain carbon neutrality going forward.

    Reporting & Rating

    Nasdaq's annual reports are in accordance with GRI Standards. Our ESG efforts are in the top 7%, according to Sustainalytics.


    We are a signatory of UN Global Impact and the UN Principles of Responsible Investment.



    The Purpose Initiative


    Advancing Inclusive Growth & Prosperity


    Nasdaq's call to build a more inclusive economy has never been stronger, nor more urgent than it is today. Through our Purpose Initiative, we strive to support women and underrepresented minority communities with the resources needed to grow and sustain their businesses.

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    $20+ Million

    Total Impact for 2020



    Our Commitment to Purpose




    Equipping under-represented communities with the financial knowledge to share in the wealth that markets create.


    Continuing its mission to deliver resources and mentorship to entrepreneurs of every background, with programs specifically focused on women and under-represented minorities, to strengthen, scale, and bring to market their ventures


    Identifying new philanthropic and employee volunteer opportunities with local charities and non-profit organizations that promote diversity in entrepreneurship and investor engagement

    Our Inclusion




    Every day Nasdaq is building a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, creating an environment where we all feel connected and empowered to succeed.


    We recognize our unique position at the center of capital creation, markets and technology. Our ability to amplify the message on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging doesn’t stay confined to our boundaries but is extended to the companies and communities we serve.


    Environmental, Social and Governance

    At Nasdaq, we are committed to catalyzing progress towards a more sustainable tomorrow.


    ESG Solutions

    We actively seek to impact our global community by leveraging the scale of our operations and our client network to make a positive difference. Discover how innovation fuels Nasdaq's ESG offerings.

    ESG Resource Center

    By embedding ESG into corporate strategy, we strive to minimize the challenges of tomorrow while maximizing the opportunities of today.