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A New ESG Awakening Has Arrived

Companies today are faced with the stark realization that climate change and arising social issues are significant threats to their overall risk management strategy. 

Forward-looking organizations are putting ESG at the center of their corporate strategy to anticipate and navigate the challenges of tomorrow while implementing the right solutions to minimize risk and maximize impact. 

At Nasdaq, we put purpose in everything we do. With the goal to create more sustainable markets everywhere and advance sustainable business practices, our ESG solutions help companies and investors translate purpose into action. 

With industry-leading expertise unlocking efficiencies and powerful data products connecting corporates with outcomes and investors with opportunities, we empower companies and investors to evaluate, measure and manage risk, return — and most importantly — impact.

Three Ways to Thrive in the Era of Impact


To survive and thrive today, companies must learn to navigate and adapt to regulatory changes and new ESG norms. This means  adopting  the right solutions to drive the right  business  outcomes.   


ESG is a living, breathing  process  that evolves over time—changing with  new information and demands to be more efficient and effective. 


Living in the Era of Impact means constantly looking for new ways to accelerate impact and deliver better outcomes for all stakeholders.

ESG Investing Up
Based on AUM since 2018
Source: Nasdaq ESG Advisory
ESG: A New Imperative
More than ever, ESG is an effective way for investors to align profit with purpose. Combined with increased pressure from shareholders and ever-changing regulations mandating a new level of disclosure, ESG is no longer optional. It’s a business imperative.
ESG Investing Up
Based on AUM since 2018
Source: Nasdaq ESG Advisory

The Future of Sustainable Investing

Blue Bonds for a Cleaner Baltic Sea

Innovation is the key to a thriving global economy. With blue bonds, Nasdaq and the Nordic Investment Bank are unlocking the future of sustainable investing and delivering on the promise of a better tomorrow.

Apr 29, 2021
Navigating the ESG Journey
Having an “ESG story” really tells how you are driving long-term value creation for all of your stakeholders. The corporate strategy must dictate the ESG story, and it can only be effectively communicated when it is one and the same.
Etsy, a Nasdaq ESG Trendsetter
The Business of Sustainability
Etsy, a global marketplace for unique and creative goods, fits the definition of a trendsetter. The company embeds ESG into its corporate strategy, integrates ESG metrics into its financial reporting, and has been named an award-winning ESG program, but Etsy is not standing still.

World Economic Forum Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics Initiative

The Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics Initiative and How ESG Is Core to Nasdaq’s Corporate Strategy

ESG has become a key consideration in everything, according to Nasdaq Head of Global Financial Reporting and Corporate ESG Chantal Wessels. She explains why Nasdaq is committed to aligning with World Economic Forum's Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics.

Sep 22, 2021
Towershot of Nasdaq Committing to World Economic Forum Capitalism Metrics Initiative
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Creating more sustainable markets everwhere

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No matter where you are in your journey,  our ESG solutions help evaluate, measure and manage risk, return—and most importantly—impact.  


Considerations for Change

ESG Considerations to Help Accelerate impact

  • Consider getting started on your efforts to capture long-term capital

    ESG is a journey. Start with foundational steps and build. Use new or refreshed ESG messaging as a tool to secure long-term investors.
    The sun shining on some solar panels.
Accelerating Sustainability
The addition of Puro.earth to our growing suite of innovative ESG products and services extends our strategy into an increasingly important area for our 4,000+ corporate clients worldwide.
Bjørn Sibbern, Executive Vice President and President of European Markets
Nasdaq Acquires Emerging Carbon Removal Market Puro.earth
The partnership with Puro.earth will scale the marketplace to address a growing demand for carbon removal by corporations, as well as enable new carbon removal methodologies as technology evolves.

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