Celebrating Women's History Month

At Nasdaq, our purpose is to champion economic progress for all. In honor of Women’s History Month, we are celebrating the stories of pioneers and trailblazers working in business and tech who are a part of Nasdaq and beyond.

Engage with Women In Tech Sweden

The Women In Tech conference mission will be held in Sweden on March 23rd in person and live from their website.

The conference aims to inspire women to create a future in the field of technology and enlighten women already in the industry, to stay and succeed within the field, by providing the network and experience of successful, interesting and pioneering people from the wonderful world of technology.

Join us March 23rd!

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Leading the Way

Celebrating Pioneering Women of Tech & Business

  • World’s first computer programmer

    Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, daughter of the British Romantic poet Lord Byron, is recognized as the world’s first computer programmer. Born in London, she was homeschooled by her mother, who insisted that she learn science and mathematics. The Countess of Lovelace is referred to as the first programmer because she had written notes explaining how the notion of a specific engine could transition calculation to computation. In 1842, she wrote the first-ever algorithm for processing numbers on Charles Babbage’s early mechanical general-purpose computer or analytical engine. Babbage was so impressed by her mathematical skills that he referred to her as “The Enchantress of Numbers.” The computer language ADA was named after her. Considering that she is one of the famous women in technology, every second Tuesday in October is known as Ada Lovelace Day to celebrate the achievements of women in STEM careers.
    Ada Lovelace

Women Leading the Way

The Power of the Next Generation
What I most admire about the younger generations is that they are looking for educational content around financial wellness that doesn’t just resonate with them but propels them into action.
Deldelp Medina, Executive Director of Black & Brown Founders
Nasdaq Foundation Partner Spotlight
Deldep Medina on being inspired by younger generations pursuit of financial wellness.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we highlight members of Nasdaq's employee resource group WIN (Women In Nasdaq), which brings together over 900 global members to further their mission of engaging, educating, and empowering professionals across our organization. Through stories of women paving the way, we learn about their diverse backgrounds, roles and what it means to be an ally of this community.

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Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
We are committed to advancing equality in the workplace by attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. With a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, our employees help us create a competitive advantage that differentiates and elevates everything we do.
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Wealth of Women
Women’s needs are growing, and they are unique, and it is interesting to see if the wealth management industry will make more meaningful shifts around female advisors.
Amy Hart Clyne, Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer at Pitcairn
Why It's Important to Talk About Women's Wealth
We hear from Amy Hart Clyne, Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer at Pitcairn, on why there should be more focus on managing the wealth of women, and the factors that could impact the wealth of women this year.
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