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While the shipping and logistics industry has started its digitalization journey, there are still many areas where companies are challenged to transform:

  • Manual processes
  • Lack of visibility 
  • Low utilization rates

Road-tested for complexity in some of the world’s most demanding markets, Nasdaq is bringing its technology to the shipping and logistics industry to drive better operational efficiency, reduced costs, improved visibility across the transaction lifecycle and reliable scalability. 

How can Nasdaq technology evolve maritime businesses and transform the shipping and logistics industry?

Hanne Johansson, Head of Shipping & Logistics and Ben Haaland, Business Development Manager, spoke with Nasdaq's Jill Malandrino, Global Markets Reporter, about how marketplace technology can increase efficiencies and solve challenges in the shipping & logistics industry.

Why Nasdaq Technology?

Reliable, trusted & proven support across the transaction lifecycle

  • Efficient price formation

    Our matching engines support transaction matching for markets of varying needs - from the standardized high volume once, to complex, non-standardized markets needing more advanced and flexible solutions.

  • Large efficiency gains and cost savings

    With our DLT solutions you can improve operational efficiency and predictability, reduce errors and paper work and save billions $ on the cost of settling transactions.

  • Improved Transparency

    Our solutions can improve transparency in both trading and settlement of transactions, as well as managing and tracking workflows in an immutable ledger to establish trust and proof of change in ownership.

  • Environmental gains

    Create a market for unused capacity to streamline planning and reduce CO2-emissions.

Industry-leading Technology

Scalable for marketplaces of all sizes

Supports marketplaces from big to small, and simple to complex, easily scaling as you add more volume, asset classes or marketplaces to your matching engine.

Dynamic Scaling

Agile, modular solution built for change, that easily scales up and out as you expand and offer additional services or products.

Preserve your ecosystem. Future-proof your infrastructure.

Trading business applications seamlessly integrate with other Nasdaq business applications as well as custom-built or third-party business functionality and solutions

Develop a true partner in Nasdaq

Benefit from Nasdaq's continuous R&D investments in emerging technology to ensure your systems are always on pace, while also knowing that a deep balance sheet and stable financial performance ensure that your technology investment remains safe and secure well into the future.

Robust regulatory framework

Adopts best-in-class international practices within a robust regulatory framework, based upon knowledge and experience of running Nasdaq markets and marketplaces in 50+ countries.

Cloud availability

Cloud-optimized matching is available to support B2B, B2C and C2C trading models in a 24x7x365 environment with dynamic scaling for order size and trading volumes.

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