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Nasdaq Copenhagen (Københavns Fondsbørs) is a regulated market licensed in Denmark.


Trading at Nasdaq Copenhagen is governed by the Issuer Rules, the Member Rules and the Warrant Rulebook. Nasdaq Copenhagen also operates First North, an Alternative Marketplace in Denmark that is subject to a separate Rulebook.

ISSUER RULES - Regler for udstedere

Listing requirements are a vital part of a listing. There are requirements to become listed as well as ongoing requirements that need to be fulfilled while the company is listed. Disclosure rules regulate the procedures on when and how listed companies disclose information to the market. All information that is likely to materially influence the valuation of a listed company must be published in a way that ensures that it reaches all market participants simultaneously. The rules for issuers with regards to shares are in substance harmonized between all four (4) exchanges, especially the listing requirement and disclosure rules

Corporate Governance

The Committee on Corporate Governance is an independent committee established by the Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. The Committee's task is to define the framework for corporate governance of companies admitted to trading on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S.

The Committee is composed of chairman Lars Frederiksen (Chairman), boardmember Jens Due Olsen (Vice Chairman), lawyer Rikke Schiøtt Petersen, CEO Laila Mortensen, auditor Per Gunslev, chairman Ole Andersen, CEO Karen Frøsig, CEO Nikolaj Kosakewitsch, CEO Britt Meelby Jensen, CEO Christian Hyldahl and CEO Eric Christian Pedersen.

Secretariat: The Danish Business Authority

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Corporate Governance

Komitéen for god selskabsledelse er en uafhængig komité, der er etableret af Erhvervsministeriet. Komitéen har til opgave at udstikke rammerne for god selskabsledelse for selskaber, der er optaget til handel på Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S.

Komitéen er bestående af bestyrelsesformand Lars Frederiksen (formand), bestyrelsesmedlem Jens Due Olsen (næstformand), advokat Rikke Schiøtt Petersen, adm. direktør Laila Mortensen, statsautoriseret revisor Per Gunslev, bestyrelsesformand Ole Andersen, adm. direktør Karen Frøsig, adm. direktør Nikolaj Kosakewitsch, adm. direktør Britt Meelby jensen, direktør Christian Hyldahl og direktør Eric Christian Pedersen.

Sekretariat: Erhvervsstyrelsen

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Issuer Rules

Local Rules

Common Rules

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