Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform

Facilitates the frictionless exchange of assets, services & information across market ecosystems

This Solution Helps

  • Market Infrastructure Organizations
  • New Markets
  • Digital Assets Marketplaces

Marketplaces are in our DNA and the mission-critical technologies that drive them are core to everything we do. 

The Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform provides a complete, end-to-end saas platform to operate marketplaces in a cloud environment. Built on top of the Nasdaq Financial Framework’s  high-performance, low-latency foundation, the service-based platform provides access to functionally-robust services covering the transaction lifecycle -- from issuance of assets and trading through pre-trade risk management, market surveillance and efficient digital custody and settlement. Fueled by decades of expertise & technology knowhow, the platform is designed with the rigorous regulatory, reliability and security standards proven in the financial industry, helping to provide your marketplace with added credibility and integrity as you come to market. 

The components of the Marketplace Services Platform

Marketplace Services by Industry

As many industries have adapted towards digitization, our all-encompassing solution provides a comprehensive structure with overall expansion in mind. Marketplace services shouldn't be one size fits all, but rather catered towards your company's overall business needs. With the ability to launch marketplaces from the ground up or continue to expand the current offering, the Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform streamlines all processes from the cloud with seamless integration. From regulated service industries like Insurance or Healthcare to B2B organizations handling Logistics, eCommerce and more, our technological suite of offerings consider the multitude of challenges across different marketplaces in order to support an uninterrupted experience.            

Market Infrastructure

The market infrastructure organization of tomorrow will be fundamentally different than its market counterpart today, relying on operators to provide a range of comprehensive services that are more secure and resilient, while also improving the market performance for market participants. By eliminating or reducing the need for intermediaries across markets, our marketplace services platform allows for the scalability of many unique marketplaces, market data, and various market instruments. It also helps market infrastructure organizations support marketplaces that are seeking transparency, certainty and reliability from the market infrastructure to facilitate new market models that meet regulatory requirements and market participant's business needs.

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Emerging Markets

The Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform works for emerging markets within different industries seamlessly. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of solutions, the marketplace services offered assist emerging markets by integrating other providers and ISVs with improved interoperability, and also by providing a buildable experience from market creation to execution. From startup organizations across unique and growing industries like Real estate, Cryptocurrency, Insurance, Healthcare, Carbon Credits & more, the marketplace services platform offers the complete toolkit to solve challenges when establishing a marketplace. With asset creation, secure provisions in place, and a whole overview at your organization's fingertips, the marketplace services solution fulfills your emerging market needs.            

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Digital Assets

Digital assets have the ability to move goods or services from one digital address to another without any third-party intermediary. With the right technology suite in place like the Nasdaq Marketplace Services platform, digital marketplaces can expand their coverage by removing barriers in asset identification, the exchange process, and settlement time. Our solution provides for seamless listing within our continuously updated regulatory framework while providing additional benefits of enhanced execution quality for transactions and lower operational costs. We empower digital marketplaces across many industries including startup and digital-only markets to enable new capital formation and increase liquidity within their digital platform.            

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Have a question about Nasdaq's marketplace services tech? get answers in our FAQ section below

get answers in our FAQ section below

How can the Marketplace Services Platform benefit your business?

One service-based platform

Covers the transaction lifecycle from end-to-end, featuring an easy-to-activate, modular structure, allowing businesses to scale up and down as needed. Easily integrates with ISVs, partners and participants to manage the full range of requirements for your organization and is also available in multiple cloud environments.

Purpose-built for marketplaces

The platform easily adapts to your marketplace needs and understands the complex workflows happening across the transaction lifecycle, various market models and asset classes, roles of the key participants and the data that flows between them.

Reduce operational complexity

Platform eases technical burden on operations resources, simplifying IT management and decreasing capital expenditures due to SaaS delivery model.

Easy on-boarding & maintenance

Decreases time to market compared to on-prem delivery cycles, provisioning market infrastructure in weeks to months, versus much longer time horizons. Continuously enhances performance and functional depth through frequent release cycles, without the need to manage continuous patch cycles.

Best-in-class security protocols

Benefit from the world-class capital markets infosec standards proven in 130+ markets around the world, as well as in Nasdaq's already established SaaS offerings. The platform mutualizes investment in infosec, and adds protection through the cloud provider's continuous enhancement against known vulnerabilities.

Future-forward infrastructure

Manages shifts in strategy and scalability as you grow and expand with consumption-based models that scale as you do, as well as extends ecosystem technology investment through ease of service expansion and ability to integrate proprietary and third-party offerings.

Nasdaq technology powers
markets on the planet - from traditional capital markets, to football players, loyalty points, cryptocurrency & real estate contracts
airplane in purple sunset
Built for marketplaces
A robust foundation for both existing and new marketplaces to optimize operations, reduce complexity and accelerate ability to get to market quickly, activating new revenue opportunities.
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Nasdaq technology powers
markets on the planet - from traditional capital markets, to football players, loyalty points, cryptocurrency & real estate contracts

Support across the transaction lifecycle

Technology proven to power the world's marketplaces

  • Create new assets

    Ability to translate even the most esoteric of goods or services into a tradeable asset provides you the expertise you need to simplify the issuance new assets.

  • Instantly match buyers & sellers

    Automated, real-time processing of transactions across a number of models (from bi-lateral to multi-party) enables you to match buyers and sellers at speed and scale, trading goods, assets or information with less risk of disruption.

  • Protect your marketplace

    Comprehensive risk and compliance controls help ensure that the transactions taking place on your market are safer, more secure and within risk limits you’ve set, with proactive alerts for irregular transaction patterns and potentially manipulative activity.

  • Settle transactions & digital transferring ownership

    Leveraging proven DLT technology, you can instantly – and safely – settle and transfer ownership of assets from your buyers to sellers with an immutable ledger that tracks each part of the chain.

End-to-end SaaS platform purpose-built to operate marketplaces, everywhere.

Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform

End-to-end platform purpose-built to operate marketplaces, everywhere.

Jun 23, 2020
Advancing business strategy, quicker.
This helps us achieve our mission of opening access to the asset class. Real estate has historically traded hands over the course of years. Nasdaq is providing us with the technology to make it happen in under a second.
Drew Sterrett, CEO, LEX Markets
LEX Markets to Revolutionize Real Estate Securities
Leveraging the Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform, LEX Markets will allow accredited and unaccredited investors to invest in individual properties and will unlock previously unavailable matching opportunities between property owners, retail and institutional investors at speed and scale.
Read Q+A with LEX Markets CEO, Drew Sterrett

I’m a Market Infrastructure Operator, How Can I Use the Platform?

Launch new market initiatives

As a complete end-to-end platform traditional operators can easily expand into new asset classes and bring them to market quickly. By leveraging SaaS to surpass traditional infrastructure, you can reduce capital expenditures and the time it takes to provision hardware and hire tech personnel.

Unlock efficiency gains

For market operators with standardized instruments, less technology resources, lower customization requirements, and less stringent latency requirements, the Marketplace Services Platform provides the same proven, and best-of-breed capabilities as Nasdaq on-premise solutions at a much lower price point.

Reduce operational complexity

Simplify your vendor outsourcing and have Nasdaq take care of the heavy-lifting from a technology perspective. Additionally, you can leverage the elasticity of the cloud to scale up and down for volumes and participants as the new venture transitions from growth to mature market.

For new marketplaces

For digital marketplaces

of MIs expect to be nearly or fully along in their cloud adoption by 2025
Celent 2021 Market Infrastructure CIO study
At the Top of the CIO’s Agenda
Celent surveyed CIOs across market infrastructure (MI) operators globally to find out how they are addressing digital transformation and their most prioritized investment areas leading up to 2025. The results show a strong focus on improving agility, product creation capabilities and customer centricity.
of MIs expect to be nearly or fully along in their cloud adoption by 2025
Nasdaq and the Cloud
The time has come to concentrate on building the critical market infrastructure in the cloud.
Brad Peterson & Lars Ottersgård, Nasdaq
The Future of Markets is in the Cloud
Financial markets are part of the critical infrastructure supporting the global economy, and cloud computing offers them limitless opportunity to innovate and grow.
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165+ sell-side organizations leverage Nasdaq’s technology to power their surveillance, compliance, risk management and trading needs.
Currently, 130+ marketplaces around the world leverage Nasdaq’s technology. Nasdaq’s trading and surveillance technology can support multiple types of marketplaces including traditional capital markets operators, as well as new marketplaces such as cryptocurrency, real estate, carbon credits and more
Cryptocurrency & digital assets, carbon credits, spot commodities, commercial real estate, luxury goods, and more. Nasdaq’s trading and surveillance technology is reliable and scalable, allowing you to grow and expand with the addition of new asset types as needed.
Nasdaq’s Market Technology unit provides technology and services that drive transparency, efficiency, and integrity in capital markets and beyond. The suite of offerings includes trading, index, risk, post-trade, and anti-financial crime technology solutions for financial institutions, established exchanges and new types of marketplaces, clearinghouses, central securities depositories, as well as re/insurance firms.
Many components of a digital asset exchange function similarly to a traditional capital markets exchange, therefore many challenges that have been solved in capital markets can be applied to digital assets. For example, digital assets exchanges are susceptible to large spikes in volatility, so having a reliable trading engine that can support large volumes is critical. Nasdaq’s trading technology can support peak conditions with resilient and redundant technology, handling up to 10,000 orders per second.
Nasdaq’s Marketplace Services Platform provides digital assets exchanges with trading services to facilitate the matching of buyers and sellers, as well as surveillance services to detect and investigate manipulative behaviors.
The Marketplace Services Platform is a SaaS service deployed in the cloud.
Managed Services and SaaS (Software as a Service) are both service models where a vendor operates a software application for its client(s). The SaaS model is applied to out-of-the-box solutions that are used by clients without software customizations. SaaS solutions are deployed in the cloud and clients receive recurring upgrades as part of the service. Managed Services means that a vendor manages deployment, hosting, and operation of a software solution for its client. In this model, the solution can be customized, and deployed either in the cloud or on premise.
Depending on the characteristics of the asset class, many different trading models can be used to trade digital assets today. A few examples of traditional methods include Request for Quote, Auctions and Continuous Trading.   
Manipulative behaviors such as pump & dump, spoofing, layering, front running, wash trading/ churning can occur on digital assets marketplaces. To learn more about the manipulative behaviors that can threaten your crypto or digital assets marketplace and how to detect and prevent nefarious activity, visit
Users (members of the marketplace) connect their OEMS systems (order management systems) primarily over the FIX protocol (a global standard for the Financial markets) and ITCH Protocol (for market data). In addition, users may prefer to connect directly to the Trader User Interface (UI) for entering orders and monitoring market data and trades.
You can learn more about our Marketplace Services Platform on our solutions page which highlights the service’s facilitation of frictionless exchange of assets, services and information across market ecosystems.

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