Exchange Oversight

Nasdaq operates a multifaceted surveillance program with exchange oversight for U.S. and European markets.

U.S. Oversight

U.S. Oversight

Nasdaq operates a multifaceted surveillance program

European Oversight

European Disciplinary Processes

In Nasdaq Nordic, the Surveillance function is responsible for disciplinary procedures.

Key Features
  • Transparency
  • Consistent Rulings
  • Compliance

Annual & Quarterly Surveillance Reports

These reports describe the main day-to-day activities and achievements within Nordic Surveillance.

European Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations - Nordic Member Rules

The Nasdaq Nordic Member Rules contain conditions for membership and rules for trading on the regulated markets.

Rules & Regulations - First North MTF Rules

The rules are the same in all First North markets, except for a few, smaller differences due to national law.

Rules & Regulations - Derivatives Rules

Rules and Regulations of Nasdaq Derivatives Markets govern Nasdaq Stockholm's derivative exchange & Nasdaq Clearing.

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