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    Canadian Equities

    Providing growing liquidity and operational excellence for Canadian equity trading.

    Committed to Canadian market participants, the Nasdaq Canada exchange operates three trading books for trading TSX, TSX-Venture, and CSE-listed securities: CXC, CX2, and CXD.

    In addition, Nasdaq Canada offers market-agnostic smart routing, improving trading efficiencies and facilitating the best execution for clients, with enhanced connectivity to dark pools.

    Nasdaq Basic Canada provides Level 1 market data offered by Nasdaq Canada in a single market data feed.



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    Nasdaq Canada Advanced Orders  ->

    Variety of advanced order types to provide flexibility to meet the trading strategies of different market participants.

    Nasdaq Canada Smart Router  ->

    Fully customize your orders with smart routing.

    Nasdaq Canada: Midpoint Extended Life Order (M-ELO)  ->

    Uniting like-minded counterparties with longer-term investment horizons.

    Nasdaq Basic Canada  ->

    Nasdaq Basic Canada is an accurate, cost-effective alternative for Canadian equities data.

    Nasdaq Canada Guaranteed Execution Facility  ->

    Nasdaq Canada offers a guaranteed execution facility on its CX2 trading book.

    Nasdaq Canada Pricing  ->

    Nasdaq Canada Trading, Market Data and Other fees

    Nasdaq Canada Controls  ->

    Nasdaq Canada offers a variety of tools to help market participants manage risk.

    Nasdaq Canada Connectivity  ->

    Nasdaq offers cost-effective, fast, flexible, reliable connectivity to Nasdaq Canada.

    Nasdaq Canada Monthly Reports  ->

    News and updates related to Nasdaq CXC and Nasdaq CX2.

    Nasdaq Canada Notices  ->

    News and updates related to Nasdaq CXC and Nasdaq CX2.


    PureStream on Nasdaq Canada CXD

    A dark pool trading book on the Nasdaq Canada Exchange that is an alternative source of non-displayed liquidity.

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    Actions Canadiennes

    Nasdaq Canada  ->

    La Bourse Nasdaq Canada exploite trois instruments de négociation de titres inscrits à la TSX, à la Bourse de croissance

    Ordres Avancés Nasdaq Canada  ->

    Fournit une variété de types d'ordres avancés offrant une flexibilité permettant de répondre aux stratégies

    Connectivité Nasdaq Canada  ->

    Nasdaq offre une connectivité efficiente, rapide, flexible et fiable à Nasdaq Canada.

    Routage Intelligent Nasdaq Canada  ->

    Personnalisez vos ordres en totalité grâce au routage intelligent.

    Contrôles Nasdaq Canada  ->

    Nasdaq Canada offre une variété d'outils pour aider les acteurs du marché à gérer les risques.

    Barème des frais Nasdaq Canada  ->

    Barème des frais de négociation, de données de marché et autres frais de Nasdaq Canada

    Monthly Reports

    Nasdaq Index Data

    With more than 40,000 of our own indexes, a global distribution network and trusted technology, Nasdaq is your source for index data.


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