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    Nasdaq Helsinki (Helsingin pörssi)

    Listing Review

    Determines if an applicant meets the requirements of the Nasdaq Helsinki marketplace.


    A company aiming to be listed in Helsinki will start the listing process by choosing its legal and financial advisors. Advisors will prepare the issuer for the listing process, evaluate the readiness and advise the company in its future role as a listed company. Advisors prepare the prospectus together with the company and have relevant role in the issuance, offering and distribution of the company’s shares. Securities admitted to trading in Helsinki Exchange’s list are officially listed in accordance with Directive 2001/34/EC.

    According to the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments and Exchange rules, the listing of company shares and delisting will be decided by the exchange. The listing and delisting of shares will be decided by the Listing Committee comprised of both external and internal members. Secondary listings and listings from FN market place to main market are, if certain conditions are fulfilled, approved by the Managing director.

    The Listing Committee process is conducted in two phases and the Listing Committee typically schedules one meeting per month but additional meetings can be arranges, if needed. In the first phase, which is usually approximately 1-2 months before planned execution of the transaction (and formal written application), the company will hold a presentation according to the predefined template. Surveillance will review and may request the company to amend the presentation before submitting it to the Listing Committee. Presentation to the Listing Committee provides information among other issues about the company, its financial and operational history, forthcoming transaction, corporate governance, main findings in due diligence and fulfillment of the other requested listing criteria. Listing Committee members may ask questions from company’s representatives and its advisors during the presentation and request the company to provide additional information. The second phase is the formal written application approval meeting, in which the company is not presented unless otherwise decided. The listing application should include assessment of the fulfilment of the all listing requirements set in the Exchange rules. Surveillance will review the application and provide comments before submitting the final listing application to the Listing Committee. The final due diligence report and disclosure policy need to be delivered to the surveillance before application can be approved.

    The Listing Committee decides on the listing of companies. The Board of Directors of Nasdaq Helsinki appoints Listing Committee's members representing commercial and industrial life and securities markets. 

    Listing Committee

    • Henrik Husman, Managing Director of Nasdaq Helsinki (Chairman) 
    • Eero Suomela, M.Sc. (econ.) (Vice Chairman) 
    • Annika Poutiainen, LLM 
    • Kim Ignatius, B.Sc. (Econ.) 
    • Jaakko Raulo, LLM 
    • Susanna Tolppanen, LLM
    • Sari Suvanto serves as the secretary of the Listing Committee


    For support, please contact us using the following details:


    For support, please contact us using the following details:

    Disciplinary Process

    Helsinki Disciplinary Processes

    The Surveillance department of Nasdaq Helsinki is responsible for supervising issuers and members.

    Decisions & Sanctions

    Decisions & Sanctions - Helsinki

    Decisions & Sanctions - Helsinki


    Rules & Regulations - Helsinki

    Nasdaq Helsinki (Helsingin pörssi) is a regulated market licensed in Finland.

    Listing Forms

    European Surveillance - General Listing forms

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