Technology for Regulators

The need to keep trading safe and maintain integrity throughout different jurisdictions is imperative. Nasdaq SMARTS Market Surveillance is the industry benchmark for real-time and T+1 solutions for market surveillance, supervision and compliance.

Powering Market Integrity on a Global Scale

In order to keep pace with sophisticated trading technology, and manipulation techniques being used to gain a trading advantage, regulatory authorities require the same level of sophisticated tools as trading professionals.

For regulators, the ability to keep trading safe and maintain integrity throughout the jurisdiction is imperative.

Our Solutions

Nasdaq Market Surveillance for Regulators

The solution of choice for an off-the-shelf surveillance with proven monitoring capabilities for all types of trading

Key Features
  • Detect abuse
  • Visualize activity
  • Analyze cases

Regulatory Advisory

A broad range of regulatory intelligence to help your organization design your program to be on par with the market.

Key Features
  • Listing & Corporate Legal
  • Market Structure
  • Rules & Broker Compliance

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