Solutions for Selling Private Funds & Shares on Secondary Markets

Our alternative investment liquidity solutions set new industry standards

This Solution Helps

  • Asset Managers
  • High Net Worth Investors
  • Private Equity

Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) is paving the path forward for liquidity in alternative investment funds, creating a sustainable marketplace for today's leading private funds. 

Through our centralized model, investor network and regulatory experience, our private funds solutions address the challenges of liquidity while creating opportunities for new product vehicles and broadening investor access to new sources of capital.


O U R   S O L U T I O N S :

Auction Funds

NPM elevates the interval fund with monthly, auction-based liquidity while retaining other benefits of interval funds.

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Wealth Management

NPM partners with wealth management distribution channels to offer HNW investors a feeder fund liquidity option, removing the liquidity barrier and expanding investor access.

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LP-Led Solutions

NPM supports Limited Partners in addressing the eligibility and liquidity challenges of rebalancing their private equity holdings.

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GP-Led Liquidity

NPM's end-to-end, customizable platform can handle secondary transactions in various types of funds and allows for full visibility into the tender offer process at every step of the transaction.

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Why Partner With Us

Broader Access To Liquidity

Fund Managers and Institutional GPs can leverage NPM's technology, investor network and regulatory infrastructure to facilitate broader access to secondary liquidity.

Sponsor-Led Programs

High Net Worth (HNW) Fund Sponsors can facilitate sponsor-led programs for Limited Partners (LPs) looking to transfer their private securities.

Bespoke Platform

Investment Banks and Secondary Advisors can provide clients with a customized liquidity platform with NPM's modern secondary technology.

How It Works

The NPM Fund Auction Platform is designed to scale and support multiple fund structures, aligning with the evolution of product creations to open investor access.

  • Designed By Sponsors

    Fund managers control the parameters by which their funds are auctioned on our proprietary platform.

  • Regulatory Framework

    Built on our deep regulatory experience in building markets, NPM operates as a Qualified Matching Service (QMS), as interpreted by the IRS in a Private Letter Ruling and as an alternative trading system (ATS) with granted limited exemptive relief by the SEC, allowing for increased limitations in liquidity.

  • Standardized Marketplace

    Our platform provides market standardizations that drive efficiency, natural competition and price discovery across multiple fund interests in a centralized marketplace.

  • Benefits Sellers

    Integrations with distributors and administrators allow for financial advisors and investors to participate as sellers, rebalance portfolios, and actively manage illiquid fund interests.

  • Attract Buyers

    By streamlining and centralizing seller interests, NPM allows secondary liquidity providers to actively place bids across multiple fund opportunities; thereby ensuring greater liquidity and market-driven institutional pricing.

  • Streamline Settlement

    Our transaction platform manages the full process, including execution of transfer agreements, adjustments to payments and settlement across multiple participants through a unified payment process.

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