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    Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions

    A technology-enabled ecosystem of insights, analytics and fund secondaries solutions empowering all parts of the private fund investment lifecycle.

    Complexity shouldn't mean chaos.

    Increasing operational complexity shouldn't create chaos and hold you back from achieving your goals: whether it's making informed investment decisions or raising and retaining capital from your LPs.

    Nasdaq Private Fund Solutions help you navigate complexity through our technology-enabled ecosystem of insights, analytics, and fund secondaries solutions.

    Our Solutions

    General Partner Solutions  ->

    Market intelligence, portfolio analytics and fund secondaries solutions to help you in raising and retaining capital.

    Limited Partner Solutions  ->

    Empower your private markets program with access to manager data, performance analytics and fund secondaries solutions.

    Wealth Management Solutions  ->

    Nasdaq Fund Secondaries platform's technology enables wealth management platforms, wealth advisors, and their clients.

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