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    Enhance your decision-making capabilities with Nasdaq's essential exchange, asset manager and alternative data solutions. Integrate valuable insights into your workflows with our advanced technology and APIs. 


    Through strategic partnerships in EMEA and globally, we provide tailored index services encompassing design, calculation, administration, licensing, research, and data dissemination, enhancing client capabilities in the EMEA region.


    Bringing transparency and efficiency to the global institutional market – equipping managers, asset owners and consultants to make data-driven decisions and ultimately realise better outcomes. 

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    2024 ESG Regulatory Updates

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    Why Democratized Data Fosters Transparency and Responsibility

    Investing Nuclear Energy

    Investing in the Growth of Nuclear Energy

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    Trading 212 enhances the trading experience, delivering reliability and speed with Nasdaq Last Sale

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    Powered by Nasdaq's real-time data, NextGen Leader Awaed has entered the U.S. equity market as Saudi Arabia's first commission-free trading platform for retail investors.

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