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    Nasdaq Fund Secondaries | Wealth Management

    A Centralized Marketplace for Secondary Liquidity

    NFS liquidity solutions support wealth management platforms, wealth advisors and their clients.

    Who We Serve

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    Financial Advisors

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    High Net Worth Investors

    Accessing Liquidity for Clients


    Nasdaq can broaden access to liquidity for wealth management platforms and feeder fund investors through our end-to-end technology, within a comprehensive regulatory framework and the ability to operate as a Qualified Matching Service (QMS) and a centralized ecosystem of institutional buyers.

    Why Wealth Managers Partner with Us

    Nasdaq Clearing Tech for marketplaces

    Controlled Liquidity

    Fund sponsors set parameters around the timing of liquidity events, choosing which funds to include and curating the buyer universe.


    Enhanced Transparency

    Granular platform monitoring allows sponsors to monitor the activity of participants. Customizable data rooms allow for secure document sharing, reducing the potential for information disparity between participants.

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    Institutional Investor Network

    Our ecosystem of institutional liquidity providers participate in a competitive bidding process, allowing for market-driven price discovery in certain program structures. Wealth managers can choose to offer access to outside institutional investors or offer the funds internally to their existing clients.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Nasdaq may act as an intermediary in facilitating an LP-led sale, or in a greater capacity, Nasdaq may offer regular structured access to liquidity for fund sponsors

    Yes, Nasdaq works with feeder funds and direct access funds 

    Nasdaq’s can facilitate a variety of data transfer methods and can adhere to various institution's requirements around programmatic data transfer. 

    Yes, Nasdaq’s platform offers SSO integration allowing a seamless experience for your advisors and clients. 

    Nasdaq's Private Letter Ruling (PLR assigned by IRS 6/21/18) identifies the Nasdaq private fund liquidity platform as a QMS as interpreted by the IRS in accordance with requirements set out in 26 C.F.R. 1.7704-1 if the parameters of a QMS are followed, then up to 10% of the interests in a partnership may be transferred, subject to certain limitations, per annum without triggering Publicly Traded Partnership (PTP) requirements. 

    *Nasdaq's platform is structured to satisfy the Qualified Matching Service requirement set forth in  1.7704-1(g) of the Procedure and Administration Regulation. 

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    Nasdaq supports Limited Partners in addressing the liquidity challenges of private equity through modern technology, a comprehensive regulatory framework and an ecosystem of institutional buyers.

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