Nasdaq Risk Platform

Nasdaq Risk Platform provides minimizes risk and optimize balance sheet liquidity across global markets & trading environments.

This Solution Helps

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Regulators’ interest in risk controls have created clear requirements for market participants to bolster risk management capabilities. However, managing risk across the entire trading and clearing landscape – in real-time – present significant challenges. Our risk platform is built as a single point of access to overcome and consolidate risk tech legacy estate challenges:

Industry Challenges Nasdaq Risk Platform
Multiple Systems & Spreadsheets One Single Risk View
No Intraday View True Real-time Risk Engines
Overfunding Initial Margin Exchange Margin Requirements in Real-time
Lack of Regulatory Capital Optimization Regulatory & Capital Risk Engines
Lengthy Upgrade Cycles & Capex State-of-the-art Cloud Native Tech Stack
Asset Class Specific Systems Multi Asset, Multi Entity
No Transparency for Clients White-Labeling – Full Transparency, Validation

Our Risk Platform provides comprehensive risk management infrastructure tools to help minimize risks in increasingly regulated, latency-sensitive, high-volume and global trading environments. Via our Risk Platform, you can monitor and manage your aggregate risk exposure across markets, asset classes, regions and accounts in real-time.

How can Nasdaq's Risk Platform help you?

Real-time Risk Engine

Comprehensive risk engines, which provide real-time exchange margin, market risk, counterparty risk and P&L services in the face of increasing regulatory scrutiny and capital compression

Reduce Overfunding, Increase Transparency

Overhaul of CCPs moving from simple SPAN-based margin methodologies to VaR increases complexity for firms to in-house monitor risk and margin requirements across venues to prevent overfunding. Our platform provides a single point of access to risk and IM monitoring across CCPs – providing transparency to you, and your customers.

Scalable Technology from an Operator of Markets

Nasdaq as your trusted technology partner and leader in market technology delivers state-of-the-art, cloud native frameworks and microservices architecture to orchestrate battle-hardened and elastic solutions that enable customers to differentiate in an era of continuous deployment and cost pressure

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