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    Nasdaq Global Indexes

    An Index Provider for Today's Economy

    Nasdaq is dedicated to designing powerful, relevant index and benchmark families that are in sync with the continually changing market environment.

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    Our rules-based, objective methodology teamed with our award-winning technology set us apart from other index providers. We pride ourselves on high-touch customer service and work with investors worldwide to create indexes that best fit their investment objectives.

    Whether you are an institution, fund manager, advisor or private investor, Nasdaq indexes are benchmarks that can help influence and track your investment strategies.

    10,000 +

    Diverse Indexes are calculated by Nasdaq

    Providing coverage across asset classes, countries and sectors.

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    Our Offerings

    Equity Indexes

    The Nasdaq-100® Index (NDX®) is one of the world’s preeminent large-cap growth indexes.

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    Complete family of environmental indexes

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    This comprehensive family covers international securities segmented by geography, sector, and size

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    Complete View Of U.S. Equities Market Data 

    Innovative indexes that track the most pivotal segments of the U.S. economy

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    Nasdaq is one of the largest providers of dividend-themed indexes in the world, based on benchmarked assets

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    Family of Nordic and Baltic market indexes as well as comprehensive coverage of developed and emerging European markets

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    Nasdaq Global Indexes and Keefe Bruyette & Woods (KBW) Financial Indexes

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    Smart Beta Indexes

    Combining the benefits of passive investing and the advantages of active investing strategies.

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    Aim to find those securities with the greatest potential for capital appreciation.

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    Offer rules-based solutions that seek to outperform traditional market cap weighted indexing strategies.

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    Designed to objectively identify stocks that exhibit growth factors with the greatest potential for capital appreciation

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    Nasdaq Dorsey Wright's index business provides innovative global solutions for investment professionals.

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    Nasdaq is one of the largest providers of dividend-themed indexes in the world, based on benchmarked assets.

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    Transparent, rule-based equity strategy indexes aimed to provide exposure to a specific factor or multiple factors

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    Alternative Asset Classes

    Nasdaq Veles Water Index

    A clear Solution for Water Price Discovery

    Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI)

    A flexible representation of the crypto asset class

    Fixed Income Indexes

    U.S. Fixed Income Market

    Nasdaq LADDERRITE Index Family

    Nordic Fixed Income Market

    Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income Indexes provide exposure to the Swedish debt market.

    Nasdaq Bulletshares Indexes

    Offer bond-like performance, customization, precision and diversification.

    Asia-Pacific Index Coverage

    More than 70+ ETPs track Nasdaq Global Indexes throughout Asia

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