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Nasdaq provides current and historical index data for the diverse suite of Nasdaq Global Indexes, which covers all geographies and multiple asset classes. This data set helps investors value securities, evaluate investments and track portfolios. Learn more about our flexible options and competitive pricing.
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With nearly 20 different index series/entitlements for you to choose from, Nasdaq Global Indexes provides a wide range of asset classes and themes including a unique line-up of multi-factor and smart beta options from which you can choose. 

Smart Beta Families

Dorsey Wright, US Style, KBW and more

Dorsey Wright Technical Leaders Index (DWTL

Dorsey Wright Focus Five Index (DWANQFF

Dorsey Wright International Focus Five Total Return (DWANQIFF

DWA International Developed Markets Technical Leaders Index (DWADM

DWA International Emerging Markets Technical Leaders Index (DWAEM

DWA Technical Leaders Small Cap Index (DWATLSC)

Each index selects the highest relative strength companies from within their respective investment universe


US Style

Nasdaq US500 Large Cap Growth Index (NQUS500LCG

Nasdaq US 500 Large Cap Value Index (NQUS500LCV)  

Nasdaq US Large Cap Growth Index (NQUSLG)  

Nasdaq US Large Cap Value Index (NQUSLV)  

Nasdaq US Large Cap Value Index (NQUSMG)

Float market cap weighted indexes that are a combination of size, style and return type. The Large, Mid and Small Cap size segments are scored using value and growth metrics, which are aggregated into a composite score; top 50% with the strongest value-oriented composite score is assigned to the value index and the remaining securities are assigned to the growth index .


Nasdaq AlphaDEX

Nasdaq AlphaDEX Global Index (NQDXGM

Nasdaq AlphaDEX EM Index (NQDXEM)  

Nasdaq AlphaDEX Asia Pac Ex-Japan Index (NQDXASPAXJP

Use a proprietary, rules-based methodology designed to produce similar correlation and risk characteristics as broad market indexes while seeking outperformance.


KBW Nasdaq

KBW Nasdaq Bank Index (BKX)  

KBW Nasdaq Regional Banking Index (KRX)  

KBW Nasdaq Capital Markets Index (KSX

KBW Nasdaq Insurance Index (KIX)  

KBW Nasdaq Financial Sector Dividend Yield Index (KDK)  

KBW Nasdaq Financial Technology Index (KFTX

Offers investors the purest targeted exposure to each individual financial sector. The targeted sectors include banking, asset management, broker/dealer, insurance, equity REITs and mortgage finance

Global Equities

Global Indexes, Developed & Emerging Markets, ISE and more

Nasdaq Global Index

Nasdaq Global Index (NQGI)

Covers international securities segmented by geography, sector, and size.


Developed Markets

Nasdaq Developed Markets Index (NQDM)

NQDM index, all developed regional and country sub-indexes, by size and sector.


Emerging Markets

Nasdaq Emerging Markets Index (NQEM)

NQEM index, all emerging regional and country sub-indexes, by size and sector.

Nasdaq ISE

ISE Cyber Security UCITS Index (HUR)

ISE Big Data Index (BGD) 

ISE Cyber Security Index (HXR) 

ISE Cloud Computing Index (CPQ) 

ISE-Revere Natural Gas Index (FUM) 

ISE High Income Index (YLDA)

Consists of over 60 indexes and includes a diverse range of asset classes and instrument types, focusing on specific trending themes including global equities, fixed income and currencies

Europe Region

Nasdaq Eurozone Index (NQEURO)

Nasdaq DM Europe Index (NQDMEU)

Nasdaq DM Europe Large Cap Index (NQDMEULC)

Nasdaq DM Europe Mid Cap Index (NQDMEUMC)

Nasdaq DM Europe Small (NQDMEUSC)

Developed and Emerging Europe indexes

AMEA Region

Nasdaq DM Asia Index (NQDMASIA)

Nasdaq DM Asia Large Mid Cap Index (NQDMASIALM)

Nasdaq DM ASPA Mid Cap Index (NQDMASPAMC)

Nasdaq DM ASPA Small Cap Index (NQDMASPASC)

Nasdaq DM MEA Index (NQDMMEA)

Nasdaq DM ASPA Ex Japan Index (NQDMASPAXJP)

Nasdaq EM Asia Index (NQEMASIA)

Developed and Emerging Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa indexes

Americas Region*

Nasdaq US 500 Large Cap Index (NQUS500LC)

NASDAQ US Benchmark Index (NQUSB)

NASDAQ US All Market Index (NQUSA)

NASDAQ Lat America Index (NQLA)

North America and Latin America, including NQUSA family

*The Americas Region now includes the NOMX US All Market Index Family

U.S. Classic

Nasdaq-100 (NDX)

Nasdaq Composite (COMP)

Settle - PHLX Housing Sector (PHLX)

Nasdaq U.S.  flagship indexes


Nordic/Baltic Bundled

OMX Stockholm 30 Index (OMXS30)

Nasdaq OMX Nordic 120 (OMXN120)

OMX Copenhagen (OMXC20CAP)

OMX Helsinki 25 (OMXH25)

OMX Nordic 40 (OMXN40)

OMX Oslo 20 GI (OMXO20GI)

Includes entire OMX Nordic and Baltic Indexes

Nasdaq VINX Classic

VINX 30 (VINX30)



Nasdaq VINX Classic

Green Economy

Nasdaq OMX Green Economy (QGREEN)

Nasdaq Green Economy Family (QGREEN, GRNWATER, etc.) 

Fixed Income

Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income, BulletShares

Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income* (OMRX and Nasdaq Credit SEK series)

*This entitlement is available as an add-on to Nordic/Baltic Classic (bundled) or as a stand alone to Fixed Income Licensee


Nasdaq BulletShares

Nasdaq BulletShares



Nasdaq Commodity

Nasdaq Commodity Family (NQCI)

Dividend and Income

Dividend and Income

Nasdaq US Dividend Achievers Select Index (DVG)

Dividend and Income Index Family covers a variety of income-generating indexes, including our newly-acquired Nasdaq Dividend Achievers™.

Access Index Data

Access Nasdasq Index Data

Resource Center

There are several ways you can receive index weighting data:

1. Nasdaq Global Index Watch – Nasdaq’s Standard Delivery Service (GIW)
This is a direct offering of proprietary index weightings data. GIW provides full access to Nasdaq global index offerings via an easy-to-use web interface for individual subscribers and through a web service for firms that wish to download the raw data.

2. Global Index FlexFile Delivery (GIFFD) – Nasdaq’s Premium Delivery Service
For those clients who prefer a delivery option that allows for a range of different file types, Nasdaq Global Indexes offers GIFFD. This service enables customers to identify components within indexes, determine the importance of the security relative to the overall index and easily track portfolio investments based on Nasdaq indexes.

3. Redistributors
In addition to the direct availability, Nasdaq works closely with redistributors that provide this data content via their APIs and controlled terminals so that clients can continue to have a wide variety of delivery options. Nasdaq index data is currently available from the following Elite Data Vendors*, who offer the full-suite of Nasdaq index weights and components data:
Delta One Solutions
Index Universe
BondEdge Solutions

And the following redistributors, who offer a portion of Nasdaq index weights and components:
SunGard Reference Data
Thomson Reuters
Wilshire Associates Inc.

If you do not see your provider in this list or have questions about how to access this information, please contact Nasdaq Data Sales:
If you are a new client, please fill out this form. A customer service representative will contact you within 48 business hours.
Clients are welcome to trial our data delivery services. Simply contact Data Sales ( and a representative will get back you within 48 business hours.
Access to Nasdaq index weightings data is a firm-level entitlement and allows firms to receive this data across all services offered by vendors for internal use at no additional charge. Affiliated firms are able to share this entitlement with other affiliated business units within their corporate organization provided that prior notice is given to Nasdaq. For specific guidelines, please email or call +1 212 231 5880.

If a firm wishes to access the data directly from Nasdaq, we also offer a direct proprietary service to index weightings data via GIW and Nordic/Baltic Index Weightings data. To learn more about how to subscribe directly to Nasdaq index data products, email or call + 1 212 231 5880.
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