Directors’ and Officers’ Questionnaire (D&O Questionnaires) – Prepopulate on D&O Questionnaire


Transform your paper questionnaires into a dynamic, intelligent, and database-driven process. Online D&O questionnaires offer a cost and resource effective alternative to paper-based questionnaires. Read more in our article, What is a D&O Questionnaire? → 



Key Features

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    Save Time

    Pre-fill information from prior year questionnaires, condition questioning specific to each director or officer’s responses, leverage an administrative dashboard, and utilize our overall services to help speed the disclosure reporting process.

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    Lower Costs

    Eliminate the cost and hassle of building and mailing paper-based forms, or of less-sophisticated technology questionnaires. Nasdaq’s digital D&O Questionnaires can help you save time and money compared to paper-based processes.

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    Improve Data Accuracy

    Our process focuses on data accuracy with features that reduce the hassle of receiving incomplete forms. Directors and officers can see increased engagement and data accuracy though our simplified process.

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    Improve Reporting

    Our proprietary redlined summary report allows reviewers to quickly and easily compare directors’ and officers’ responses to help improve and streamline corporate disclosure processes.

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    Customize Forms

    Choose between utilizing your existing form or leverage Goodwin's Director & Officer form to align the questionnaire process with your orgnization's unique needs

Leverage Existing Forms or Our Pre-Built Questionnaires

Use Your Existing Form

  • Our team builds your existing questionnaire; if desired, we can recommend edits to streamline
  • Customize your questionnaire’s styling, branding, and layout

Use The Goodwin Form

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