Nasdaq Boardvantage partners with Asset Management firms worldwide for a more effective way of information sharing, meetings, and collaboration.

Nasdaq's board portal is used by boards and leadership teams across investment, operational, and compliance committees to improve collaboration and automate meeting management. 


Key Features

  • Virtual Meeting Efficient Meeting Management Video Call Icon
    Efficient Meeting Management

    Create single or multi-day meetings in seconds — add details, attach files, track board member attendance and initiate remote meetings.

  • Improved Document File Management Icon
    Improved Document Management

    A consolidated view of files and projects. Configure content retention settings to align with your governance policies. Robust search function allows users to easily locate information.

  • Easy Collaboration Between Businessmen and Speech Bubbles Icon
    Easy Collaboration Between Members

    Add comments, private or shared notes to a document and tag specific users or groups. Tracking versions makes it easy to know when a change was made and by whom.

  • Enhanced EGovernance Magnifying Glass with Upwards Arrow
    Enhanced EGovernance

    Follow a best-practice workflow for meeting management, operations and collaboration. Streamline all elements — before, during and after board meetings.

  • Lock Icon For Board Portal With Added Security
    Added Security

    Nasdaq Boardvantage is designed with end-to-end security features and processes. It’s protected by a 24/7 security operations team, as well as a dedicated information security team of uniquely qualified experts.

  • Annual Questionnaires & Evaluations Checklist Icon
    Annual Questionnaires & Evaluations

    Quickly build and distribute Board and Committee Evaluations, Conflict of Interest, annual Director/Trustee Questionnaires and other compliance questionnaires with Nasdaq + CBE technology.

Which Kind Of Board Are You On?

Nasdaq Boardvantage Board Portal and Board Management Software

Fund Boards

Improve fund board meetings and operations through better internal permissions and information control, including a searchable archive and system of record for documents and approvals. Digitize fund board meetings and workflows including material distribution, meeting minutes, attendance, votes & approvals, eSignatures and more. Utilize turnkey, electronic solutions for 15(c), annual board questionnaires and self-assessments.

Investment Managers — Boards & Committees

Make board and committee processes paperless and reduce meeting preparation from hours to minutes with Nasdaq's award-winning enterprise software, Nasdaq Boardvantage. Communicate, share files, and automate meeting management within a board portal with customer-configurable security features. Nasdaq Boardvantage helps to streamline board, committee, and leadership meetings to allow for better conversations and greater output and improves the workflow for administrators, directors, and executives.


Explore Our Board Portal

A Multi-Board Governance Solution Built For Your Firm

Standardize Governance

Consolidate your governance practices to ensure key stakeholders and committees are always on the same page.

Streamline Compliance Processes

Manage information and document sharing between leadership teams and board members. 

Improve Collaboration

Easily manage meetings, create interactive agendas, make edits and sync changes and annotations offline.

Driving Governance Excellence for Asset Management Firms Worldwide

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Multiple fund board administration can be complex. Streamline meeting management, information sharing, and coordination between fund administrators, subadvisors, and stakeholders with the help of Nasdaq Boardvantage.