Board Engagement

drives governance and compliance excellence

This Solution Helps

  • Board Members
  • Governance Executives
  • C-Suite Executives


Nasdaq's governance and compliance solutions drive greater engagement between the board, corporate secretaries, committees, and executive leadership teams to improve overall effectiveness, transparency, and decision-making.

Board Evaluations

Create an efficient process that engages directors and produces specific, measurable, and actionable goals

Board Evaluations are a crucial component of good governance and strong performance. We customize, streamline and facilitate a best-practice process that provides insight on board functioning and performance and promotes your commitment to excellence. Our reports enable public, private, and nonprofits to turn feedback into action.

D&O Questionnaires

Simplify compliance requirements with secure and customized solutions facilitated by personalized support for directors, officers, and governance teams throughout the entire process

Our software transforms D&O Questionnaires into a customized, user-friendly format allowing you to enhance existing forms or tailor Goodwin’s pre-built forms. Save time, lower costs, reduce internal hassle, and improve reporting for your questionnaires.

Drive governance excellence with action-focused solutions

Board & Committee Assessments

Create an efficient and effective board evaluation process that produces specific, measurable, and actionable goals.

Director Peer Assessments

Establish an anonymous process for directors to provide candid and constructive feedback for their peers - empowering them to go from good to great.

Board Leadership Candidate & New Director Onboarding Assessments

Effective governance begins with an effective process for identifying strong board candidates. Successful tenure begins with comprehensive onboarding. Nasdaq provides the tools to help you achieve both.

D&O Questionnaires

Transform your questionnaires into a dynamic, intelligent, and database-driven process with our dynamic and secure EnGauge™ digital platform.

Compliance Questionnaires

Convert existing questionnaires to a more effective digital process or design a new questionnaire tailored to the unique aspects of your business.

CEO & Management Evaluations

Promote board-management alignment and a successful leadership culture with CEO and 360 management evaluations.

Why Choose EnGauge™

Efficient processes benefit boards, management teams and organizations:

  • Improve User Experience

    Digital questionnaires and assessments are easy to complete anytime, anywhere. Quick links to referenced documents, dynamic and responsive questions, and additional sophisticated functions save directors' valuable time.

  • More Reliable Outcomes

    Remove paper from the process and easily review questionnaires and assessments to effectively, efficiently and economically meet your governance objectives.

  • Personalized Support

    Nasdaq + CBE governance experts work with you to ensure that surveys are administered and completed according to your specifications.

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