Spotlight on Brussels
Brussels, Belgium

Learn more about this week's issues and policies that concern you from our representatives in Brussels and other European capitals.

Access to Finance and Capital Markets Union

Nasdaq provides financing capabilities to large and small enterprises. This includes initial public offerings as well as share issuance by existing listed companies or also by way of acquisition of existing listed companies.

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Market in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID II)

MiFID is the key European legislation that provides the basis for providing services on financial instruments in Europe. The currently ongoing revision of MiFID is an essential part of many structural reforms in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

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Benchmarks, Indices, and Market Abuse Directive (MAD)

Confidence in financial and commodities markets is fundamental for the development of the economy; market integrity needs to be guaranteed. The MAD introduced a framework harmonizing core concepts and rules on information disclosure and market abuse.

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Clearing and Settlement

Efficient cross-border clearing and settlement processes are essential to allow market participants to operate effectively in an integrated EU financial market.

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Corporate Governance

For the protection of investors, Nasdaq believes in setting stringent standards for a company's employees, officers and directors. Implicit in this philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance.

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Listed Companies' Disclosure of Information

There are several sets of rules that apply for the issuers. Three EU Directives have been recently reviewed, the Prospectus Directive, which provide a European framework for drawing up a prospectus by an issuer and the Transparency and Accounting Directives.

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Transparency and integrity of the commodities markets is one of the goals of the ongoing regulatory reforms. Increased confidence in commodities markets will benefit the users of these markets and the economy at large.

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Financial Transaction Tax

A Financial Transaction Tax has been discussed in the EU bodies and in Member States. While an EU wide tax does not seem feasible, the debate on financial taxation will continue.

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Joint Committee of European Supervisory Authorities (ESAS)

The ESAs work to improve supervisory convergence is critical to the functioning of today’s financial markets.

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