History Repeats Itself

As long as financial markets have existed, manipulative behaviors have been present. A similar pattern of manipulation can be seen in crypto markets, leaving institutional and retail investors exposed to financial risk, as well as damaging the integrity of the industry. Our Crypto Regulatory Guide provides a summary of the latest regulations governing crypto marketplaces around the world, as well as the tools exchanges can implement to detect and prevent nefarious activity.

Crypto's Continued Growth


Regulation Without Extinguishing Innovation

Authorities across the globe are currently tasked with introducing legal frameworks that will combat crypto market manipulation and other illegal activity while still prioritizing innovation.

  • Japan

    Japan is the first country to have a legal system regulating crypto asset trading, and it is expected that by the summer of 2022, they will have a proposal including measures that ensure the stability of cryptocurrencies in a way that does not hamper their development.

  • France

    Crypto-friendly France intends to urge the EU to adopt its regulatory framework for cryptocurrency.

  • Germany

    Germany is also leaning into innovation, but not at the cost of security standards, monetary and financial stability, or the compromise of payment transactions.

  • UK

    In the UK, the major regulatory body over crypto is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which has jurisdiction over AML (anti-money laundering) and counter-terrorism regulations. Crypto firms are encouraged to register with them before operating in the region, and the FCA has gone so far as to issue several warnings to retail investors about the risks of trading cryptocurrencies that are not registered and regulated.

  • The Monetary Authority of Singapore

    Singapore's Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) mandates that all crypto service providers obtain a license through them. That said, they do not see a strong case to ban virtual currency trading, and currently have a new payment services bill in the works which will provide a clear regulatory framework for crypto exchanges.

  • The Bermuda Monetary Authority

    The Bermuda Monetary Authority aims to have best-in-class digital assets regulation that can serve as a model for other jurisdictions. This involves constant evolution; on June 8, 2021, they revised their Digital Asset Business Act guidance to reflect the ever-changing nature of the world of crypto and open up pathways to continued innovation and growth. Notably, OTC Trading Platform 24 Exchange acquired a ‘Class T’ digital asset business license to roll out crypto trading on its institutional-grade platform. The first trade on the platform completed in September 2021.

Banks and Best In Class

Some causes for volatility

Environmental Impact

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Crypto Mining

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The Case for Cryptocurrency Market Surveillance

Read more about why implementing surveillance controls is critical for the success of crypto markets in our whitepaper, The Case for Cryptocurrency Market Surveillance.

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Combating Crypto Market Manipulation

the Risk

A Model For Digitization


The Rise of Crypto ETFs

Crypto-based ETFs are becoming more popular, offering another way for investors to get into the crypto game without buying cryptocurrency directly, mitigating some of the risk associated with crypto market manipulation and crypto’s often notoriously volatile nature.

Crypto ETFs
Around the Globe

  • Switzerland

    Switzerland got its first crypto fund this year, open to qualified investors only.

  • US

    The US has a few, including the first Bitcoin Futures ETF which was approved by the SEC in October 2021.

  • Brazil

    Brazil approved 3 crypto ETFs this year.

  • Dubai

    In Dubai, 3iQ’s Bitcoin ETF was the first cryptocurrency fund to go public in the Middle East in June 2021.

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The 2022 Crypto Regulatory Guide

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