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Nasdaq Extends Access to Essential Market Data Via the Cloud

The new Nasdaq Data Link APIs for real-time and delayed data modernizes traditional data distribution by providing access to real-time, index and fund data via Cloud API. Users can now access Nasdaq Basic, TotalView, GIDS and more via the Cloud. #NasdaqDataLink

Note: This article was updated on Oct 12, 2022 to reflect the product name change to Nasdaq Data Link API.


Nasdaq announced the launch of its Nasdaq Data Link APIs for real-time and delayed data, modernizing the traditional data distribution by providing asset managers and investors access to real-time, streaming exchange data, index and fund data through cloud-based technology. 

Nasdaq Data Link now offers a real-time streaming data service delivered through a suite of scalable, cloud-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Nasdaq Data Link provides access to a variety of data products in real-time, including Nasdaq TotalViewNasdaq BasicNasdaq Last SaleNasdaq Global Index Data Service (GIDS) and Nasdaq Fund Network.

As reported by Greenwich Associates, 93% of Market Data participants interviewed plan to use the cloud to market data. Nasdaq will continue to roll out offerings via Nasdaq Data Link to meet these demands.

“Nasdaq [Data Link APIs are] a significant advancement in the financial data space, delivering real-time and historic market data in a manner that is tailored to our clients’ specific needs,” said Lauren Dillard, executive vice president and head of Global Information Services at Nasdaq.

Nasdaq Data Link APIs for real-time and delayed data run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud to help deliver agility and scale for its clients. In 2008, Nasdaq began working with AWS to launch Nasdaq Market Replay, and Data-on-Demand quickly followed. The partnership has evolved to continue to meet client demand for cloud streaming within the financial service industry.

 “Nasdaq’s use of the cloud continues to transform the client experience and its own internal operations,” said Frank Fallon, Vice President, Financial Services, AWS. “AWS is excited to play a part in how Nasdaq provides real-time data to customers. Nasdaq Data Link represents the most recent example of how Nasdaq and AWS’ multi-year history of collaboration continues to meet market participants’ evolving needs, specifically the delivery of data directly into applications, on-demand, anywhere in the world.”

This offering is compatible with multiple cloud providers and was created to deliver lower latency and higher performance for entrepreneurs, fintech firms and traditional financial services applications.

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