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    Nasdaq Data Link

    Efficient delivery of real-time exchange data and other fundamental financial information via cloud API

    QuantTerminal Founder & Lead Software Engineer Daniel Tochner turned to Nasdaq Data Link’s APIs to help fuel his platform.

    Nasdaq Data Link APIs provide a flexible and efficient method of delivery for real-time exchange data and other financial information. Stock market data is made available through a suite of streaming and REST APIs, allowing for effortless integration of real-time data from disparate sources and a dramatic reduction in time to market for customer-designed applications. Our market data APIs are highly scalable, and robust enough to support the delivery of real-time exchange data.

    Read our latest case study: Nasdaq Data Link Provides Real-Time Data with Efficiency and Scale to Fintech Newcomer Unhedged

    Featured Products

    An alternative to Level 1 data, providing Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS) and top of book quotations (Nasdaq Basic).

    Nasdaq Basic is the leading exchange-provided alternative for real-time Best Bid and Offer and Last Sale information for all U.S. exchange-listed stocks*.

    With Basic, through real-time exchange data API, investors access a proprietary data product that provides accuracy, liquidity, instrument coverage and accessibility with significant cost-savings.

    * Based on liquidity within the Nasdaq market center, as well as trades reported to the FINRA Trade Reporting Facility® (TRF®) operated in partnership with FINRA/Nasdaq TRF®


    The accurate, cost-effective alternative for Level 1 Canadian equities data.

    Nasdaq Basic Canada combines fundamentals data from Nasdaq CXC, Nasdaq CX2, and Nasdaq CXD into a single market data product, providing customers with a seamless way to incorporate the combined Nasdaq Canada Level 1 offering through real-time data API. 

    The standard Nasdaq data feed for serious traders - TotalView displays the full order book depth for Nasdaq market participants.

    Beyond Level 1, at more than 20x the liquidity of Level 2, Nasdaq offers the most complete market book with all the fundamental information you need to bring your investing decisions to the next level.

    Nasdaq TotalView displays the full order book depth on Nasdaq, including shows you every single quote and order at every price level in Nasdaq-, NYSE-, NYSE American- and regional-listed securities on Nasdaq. 

    TotalView also disseminates the Net Order Imbalance Indicator (NOII) for the Nasdaq Opening and Closing Crosses and Nasdaq IPO/Halt Cross.


    Nasdaq BX TotalView and Nasdaq PSX TotalView are also available via Nasdaq Data Link. The feeds include every single quote and order at every price level in Nasdaq-, NYSE-, regional-listed securities for the respective market centers.

    Real-time and historical Index data for the diverse suite of Nasdaq & other Global Indexes.

    GIDS provides data recipients, either directly or through a third-party distributor, the opportunity to reduce network, administrative and data center costs by taking one data feed, rather than many. 

    GIDS also provides greater dissemination frequency for select indexes, allowing for better trading performance and portfolio valuations. The real-time feed also standardizes message formats for index and ETF values to facilitate the processing of cross-market data.


    Daily performance, NAV, valuation, and strategy-level reference data, such as fund asset focus, sector focus and expenses, for over 35,000 global investable products.

    The Nasdaq Fund Network (NFN) facilitates the collection and dissemination of performance, NAV, valuation, and strategy-level reference data for over 35,000 investable products to 100 million plus investors.

    Members of the service register their products on the network and receive a unique symbol. The service then disseminates the stock market data, making it searchable on one of the largest distribution channels, which pipes into online brokerages and major market data vendors.

    Product issuers and asset managers benefit from an automated service that helps bring more awareness to and gather assets for new and existing products. Also, both institutional and retail investors, as well as the general investing public, benefit from daily access to transparent fund-level data for a wide range of products to help inform investment decisions.

    The Nasdaq Smart Options data feed is designed to provide a cost-efficient, low-bandwidth alternative to the full Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) data feed while still delivering the necessary dataset that firms require for options trading.

    • Acquire data with 80% less bandwidth requirement over the standard OPRA data feed
    • Reduce operating costs typically required to support the full OPRA feed
    • View the same critical national best bid and offer, trade data and administrative messages without consuming the full OPRA dataset
    • Better manage constantly increasing option data rates
    • Access Nasdaq Smart Options data from Nasdaq NY Metro area data centers

    View the specs page on the Nasdaq Trader for more details:

    Consolidated end-of-day data from all major U.S. Exchanges.

    View the specs page on the Nasdaq Trader for more details:

    Nasdaq has partnered with Benzinga and MT Newswires to deliver API options for unbiased, real-time market updates.

    Benzinga Market Newswires

    Benzinga leverages their industry experience as both journalists and financial market practitioners to deliver actionable, market-moving news and financial data insights. Through their in-house proprietary content and curated partner network, Benzinga covers the entire financial data spectrum from standard financial data through alternative datasets. Their news and data powers many of the world's largest online brokerage platforms.

    The Benzinga Market Newswires available on Nasdaq Data Link feed features:

    • Coverage of Wilshire 5,000 + 1,000 additional U.S. equities and ETFs, and other non-tagged assets such as cryptocurrencies
    • Reporting on financial news topics influencing public markets
    • 24 hours of streaming data

    For Benzinga Market Newswires spec information, please email or visit the Nasdaq Data Link API specs.

    MT Newswires

    MT Newswires is an industry leader in original financial news covering equities, commodities, fixed income, global economies and forex. Their worldwide network of skilled and respected financial journalists, editors and economists work to deliver exclusive news and insights. Flagship products include Live Briefs PRO Global Markets, Live Briefs PRO Global FX, and Live Briefs Investor US.

    Their products provide investors and traders with up-to-the-minute coverage on financial markets that is likely to affect their portfolios. Every story is ticket-tagged and category-coded, providing a seamless platform integration.

    For MT Newswires spec information, please email or visit the Nasdaq Data Link API specs.

    • Special pricing now available for Fintech firms looking to enhance their offering! Email us to learn more.

    Interested in streaming your content via Nasdaq Data Link?

    Nasdaq Data Link  is designed to grow in scope to ensure clients have access to all of the essential data, resources, news and insights needed to track the markets.

    If you are interested in streaming content via Nasdaq Data Link's APIs, or have a request for content, please email

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    Key Benefits


    Data is consolidated and model-ready. Reduced operational effort resulting in faster speed to market for customer-designed applications.


    Enable firms to create dynamic stock tickers, portfolio trackers and time/price graphs products for public use


    Real-time data APIs are scalable to meet nearly any type of implementation.


    Receive real-time market data via cloud-based APIs that utilize open-source data and delivery standards. Eliminate the need for server co-location.


    Standard metrics and analytics including daily high, low, open, close, and volume, are readily available through Exchange data APIs for the data requested.


    Seamlessly integrate both real-time and historical data into your application.


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