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    Nasdaq's Real-Time Index Dissemination Feed

    Global Index Data Service (GIDS)

    About GIDS

    GIDS provides consolidated access to real-time and historical index and constituent level data for all Nasdaq indexes, as well as exchange-traded products (ETPs) valuation data and third-party index data. GIDS covers the global market, tracking a wide range of investable industries over five asset classes including equities, fixed income, options, crypto, and alternatives.

    Access Options

    Via Nasdaq Direct Feeds

    Power platforms and applications by processing real-time and delayed data feeds direct from Nasdaq.

    Via Data Providers

    Nasdaq works with a trusted network of authorized market data distributors to provide both display devices and data feed products containing Nasdaq real-time data. Refer to the Market Data Vendors page for a complete list of companies.

    Via Cloud Delivery

    Data is made available through a suite of Cloud APIs, including Rest and Streaming Kafka. This allows for effortless integration of data from disparate sources, and a dramatic reduction in time to market for customer-designed applications.

    Video Library

    Global Index Data Service (GIDS): Nasdaq’s Real-Time Index Dissemination Feed
    Global Index Data Service (GIDS) provides greater dissemination frequency for select indexes, allowing for better trading performance and portfolio valuations. The real-time feed also standardizes message formats for index and ETF values to facilitate the processing of cross-market data.
    Dec 01, 2021

    Investment Intelligence

    Global Index Data Service

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