Global Index Data Service (GIDS)

Nasdaq's Real-Time Data Feed

This Solution Helps

  • Asset Managers
  • Institutional Asset Managers
  • Market Data Managers

GIDS provides data recipients, either directly or through a third-party distributor, the opportunity to reduce network, administrative and data center costs by taking one data feed, rather than many.

data center server room

GIDS provides greater dissemination frequency for select indexes, allowing for better trading performance and portfolio valuations. The real-time feed also standardizes message formats for index and ETF values to facilitate the processing of cross-market data.

Access data from:

  • The Nasdaq Stock Market
  • Nasdaq PHLX
  • Nasdaq Nordic Exchange
  • Nasdaq Baltic Exchange
  • Third party partner indexes and ETFs

Index Data

  • Intraday Net Asset Values
  • Settlement Values
  • Currency Spot values for select instruments
  • Daily security components data
  • Start-of-Day and End-of-Day summary data by asset class

ETF Data

  • Intraday Portfolio Values (IPVs)
  • Daily valuation information, such as NAV per Share, Estimated Cash per Share, Estimated Cash per Creation Unit, Total Cash per Creation Unit and Total Shares Outstanding of the fund ETF Directory message designed to provide the symbols of the ETF valuations

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