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Monday, September 20

11:00 AM EST: Hamza Khan, Head of European Data, Nasdaq and GuyWolf, Global Head of Market Analytics, Marex Spectron Group

11:30 AM EST: Monthly TT X CoinDesk with Jodie Gunzberg, Managing Director

1:00 PM EST: Weakening Chinese commodities demand with Boris Ivanov, Founder, Emiral Resources Ltd. 

1:30 PM EST: Digital asset financial services with Cynthia Wu, Head of Sales & Business Development, Matrixport

2:00 PM EST: Weekly VOLQ with Scott Nations, President, Nations Indexes

2:30 PM EST: PredictIt

3:00 PM EST: #DailyNDX

Tuesday, September 21

12:00 PM EST: KBWB and upgrading financial sector with Chris McGratty, Director of Bank Research, KBW

1:00 PM EST: Helping RIA owners build infrastructure and culture with Matt Sonnen, Founder & CEO, PFI Advisors

1:30 PM EST: STA promo with Tal Cohen, Head of North American Markets, Nasdaq

2:00 PM EST: Oanna Sharma, CEO, Lantern Pharma

2:30 PM EST: Weekly Index

3:00 PM EST: #DailyNDX

Wednesday, September 22

12:00 PM EST: Social anxiety treatment with Shawn Singh, CEO, VistaGen Therapeutics 

1:30 PM EST: Broken credit systems with Kristy Kim, CEO, TomoCredit

2:30 PM EST: Providing businesses the technology to flourish in the digital economy with Scott Galit, CEO, Payoneer

2:45 PM EST: Econ with Nasdaq's Chief Economist Phil Mackintosh

3:00 PM EST: #DailyNDX

Thursday, September 23

12:00 PM EST: Value proposition of DeFi with John Wu, President, Ava Labs

12:30 PM EST: Next distressed market cycle with Nick Tell, CEO, Armory Group 

1:30 PM EST: Market update with Mish Schneider, Director of Trading Education, MarketGauge

2:00 PM EST: Bi-Weekly ETFs

2:30 PM EST: Bi-Weekly EAVOL

3:00 PM EST: #DailyNDX

Friday, September 24

12:30 PM EST: Institutional crypto adoption with Raghu Yarlagadda, Co-Founder, FalconX

1:00 PM EST: Market Update with Kevin Mahn, CIO, Hennion & Walsh 

1:30 PM EST: Digital Transformation ETF with JP Lee, Product Manager, VanEck

2:00 PM EST: Future of digital nomads with Sandrine Asseraf, Group Managing Director Legal, ESG, People and International Development, Webhelp and Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO of Calabrio

2:30 PM EST: Bi-Weekly with Jeff Kilburg, CIO, Sanctuary Wealth Management

2:45 PM EST: With Mark Fisher, VP of Marketing, Paystand

3:00 PM EST: #DailyNDX

*Schedule subject to change

Recurring Guests

Phil Mackintosh

Nasdaq Chief Economist

Tony Zhang

Chief Strategist at OptionsPlay

Russell Rhoads, CFA

Head of Research at EQDerivatives

Scott Nations

President of Nations Indexes

Mish Schneider

Managing Director at MarketGauge Group

James McDonald

Founder & CEO of Hercules Investments

JJ Kinahan

Chief Market Strategist at TD Ameritrade

Steven Ehrlich

Editor of Forbes Digital Asset

Regularly scheduled content

Mon/Thurs: Econ with Nasdaq's Chief Economist Phil Mackintosh

Mon 11:30 AM EST: Monthly CoinDesk X TradeTalks

Mon 2:00 PM EST: Weekly VOLQ

Mon 2:30 PM EST: PredictIt

Tues 2:00 PM EST: Monthly TT X Forbes Crypto

Tues 2:30 PM EST: Weekly Index

Weds 1:30 PM EST: Monthly Nasdaq Dorsey Wright

Weds 2:00 PM EST: Monthly Options

Thurs 12:30 PM EST: Monthly TrackInsight

Thurs 1:00 PM EST: Monthly TT X Wolf of All Streets

Thurs 1:00 PM EST: Monthly Nasdaq Cannabis

Thurs 2:00 PM EST: Bi-Weekly ETFs

Thurs 2:30 PM EST: Bi-Weekly EAVOL

Fri 1:00 PM EST: Monthly Options Expiration

Mon-Fri 3:00 PM EST: #DailyNDX

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