Wealth Management platforms

can use the Nasdaq Fund Secondaries platform's technology-driven approach to access liquidity for clients.

This Solution Helps

  • Banks
  • Financial Advisors
  • High Net Worth Investors

The Nasdaq Fund Secondaries platform can broaden access to liquidity for wealth management platforms, feeder fund investors and Accredited Investor clients through our end-to-end technology, comprehensive regulatory framework, and centralized ecosystem of institutional buyers.


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Registered Fund Liquidity

The Nasdaq Fund Secondaries platform's exit feature for registered private funds enhances the investor experience by offering enhanced exit opportunities.


Wealth Management Platforms

Nasdaq can broaden access to liquidity for wealth management platforms and feeder fund investors through our end-to-end technology, within a comprehensive regulatory framework as a Qualified Matching Service (QMS), and a centralized ecosystem of institutional buyers.


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