Pre-Trade Risk Management Technology

provides flexible, real-time and multi-asset class risk controls for Marketplaces.

This Solution Helps

  • Marketplaces
  • CCPs

Multi-asset controls mitigate risk upfront with minimal impacts to latency

Part of the Nasdaq Financial Framework, Nasdaq’s Pre-Trade Risk Management (PTRM) business application offers a flexible, real-time and multi-asset risk solution to help marketplaces, banks, brokers and CCPs ensure their risk controls are maintained from pre-trade through the trade and 

Proven and in use in 8 marketplaces and CCPs today, the solution’s open architecture enables placement of risk checks in whichever location will work best with the business’ strategy to ensure protection and scale with trading as your business grows: pre-trade or at-match.

How can Pre-Trade Risk Management benefit your business?

Flexible Protection

Deploy risk controls in the areas that best benefit your business, pre-, at- or on-trade

Improve Liquidity for Balance Sheet Optimization

Real-time margining and optimization engine helps to improve liquidity for balance sheet optimization.

Real-time Visibility of Member and Market Exposures

Risk managers have the complete picture of current risk profiles with PTRM's comprehensive risk dashboards and reporting.

Use cases for Pre-Trade Risk Management

Minimize risks in increasingly regulated, latency-sensitive, high-volume and global trading environments

  • Exchange/Market Guards

    Safeguard market health by ensuring market participants meet exchange-set limits

  • Clearing Certainty

    Control credit consumption and margin availability with ability to clear trading positions to protect the CCP or GCM   

  • Multi-Venue Risk Checks

    Risk checks cover cross-asset, cross-market analysis and are designed for low-latency so member execution speed is not severely impacted

Seamless Integration via the Nasdaq Financial Framework

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