Nasdaq Trade Surveillance FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Nasdaq is dedicated to answering all your questions about our trade surveillance software. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about the software and its market coverage.


    Yes. In fact, Nasdaq is uniquely situated as a provider of trade-protection technology from decades of running global markets. Nasdaq Trade Surveillance brings this experience to bear on new markets, which can at times be volatile, by providing protective software to increase stability and trust. 

    Nasdaq Trade Surveillance is one of the most robust surveillance tools on the market. Rather than offer discrete pieces of software with single, directed functionalities, Nasdaq Trade Surveillance presents a far-ranging suite of features, preparing you to track crime across multiple regions and asset types. The Solution also benefits from Nasdaq’s unique position as a longtime global operator of numerous exchanges, offering the ability to detect and disrupt crime across traditional silos. 

    Surveillance is increasingly moving from an optional, but pragmatic, component to an essential need. Being proactive about surveillance means not only will you be less likely to incur a costly fee down the line, but you will also deter financial misdeeds within your firm, ensuring that your employees are adhering to regulatory guidelines and preventing potential reputational damage.

    Asset Classes

    Nasdaq Trade Surveillance’s extensive coverage gives you the ability to track crimes across assets and markets and allows users to draw from a wide range of asset- and industry-tailored alerts, to help customize and create the most fitting surveillance system for your needs. The ability to scale and grow while drawing from new features as needed, is also facilitated by our monthly subscription-based model. Nasdaq Trade Surveillance can enable you to protect your firm with swift implementation timelines that help support you as you expand, or your needs change.

    Nasdaq Trade Surveillance is a robust platform that includes numerous facets that can be paired to the specific needs of particular industries. Alerts can be tailored to subsets of the market, and regulatory preparations can be aligned with respective requirements for particular asset classes, such as REMIT or MAR for energy. 

    Sifting through data to detect potentially damaging patterns and behavior, especially when the available data pool is quite large, can be difficult. Further, tracking across markets, and subsections, can make concise and impactful investigations even more complicated. Using a tool that allows you to focus attention on the needs, requirements, and behavior of particular assets helps optimize efforts and save time. Optimization then allows analysts to spend time on the most pressing alerts. 

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