Nasdaq Market Replay

    Nasdaq Market Replay

    A powerful analysis tool that allows users to view detailed financial data down to the millisecond.

    Now in the Cloud!

    Nasdaq Market Replay is an extremely powerful replay and analysis tool, allowing users to view the consolidated order book and trade data for Nasdaq-, NYSE- and other regional exchange- listed securities at any point in time. Market Replay is now a cloud-based application, allowing for faster query speeds and less administration burden. 

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    Designed to provide intraday market data for Nasdaq-, NYSE- and other regional exchange- listed securities

    Market Replay Benefits

    • Request a replay by issue, date and time.


    • View quotes and trades down to the millisecond level.

    • Replay the order book in simulated real-time.


    • View the National Best Bid and Offer at any point in time.

    • Sub-market center codes reporting; export to excel to view originating market center for FINRA reported trades.

    • Filter data by Exchange for a more targeted view of the market.


    • Share a replay with clients to confirm best execution.


    For more than a decade clients have relied on Nasdaq Market Replay to Monitor Reg NMS

    Compliance, Test Trading Strategies & more

    • Analyze execution quality.


    • Monitor Reg NMS compliance.


    • Resolve customer inquiries around trades.

    • Analyze trading strategies and their effectiveness.


    • Review interesting situations and missed opportunities.

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