Nasdaq ISEE Select XML Feed

Access to ISE Sentiment Index data



Access to intra-day updates of all available ISE Sentiment Index®(ISEE®) data in XML format. Data is provided in bulk format, suitable for easy development of analytical models based on ISE index data.

This feed uses the same put/call data calculation methodology used to create ISEE, and has broad appeal for investors pursuing in-depth analysis and quantitative testing. Sentiment values are available for most securities that trade options on ISE. It includes data for options that trade at the ISE, including put/call data used to determine bullish/bearish market activity in the underlying security.


ISEE Select XML Feed includes the following fields of data for each underlying security:

  • Date and time stamp
  • Symbol
  • Cumulative number of calls
  • Cumulative number of puts
  • ISEE calculated value

View the U.S Derivatives price list.


  • Nasdaq ISE


Nasdaq offers access to the ISEE Select XML Feed via secured FTP on Nasdaq Report HQ.


To order this web-based data product, firms must submit the appropriate documentation and receive prior approval from Nasdaq:

For the complete list of Nasdaq and UTP market data agreements and forms, please refer to the Nasdaq Global Data Products Agreements and Forms page.

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