Nasdaq Benchmark Administration

Nasdaq is a registered BMR Administrator under the European Benchmark Regulation


Nasdaq Copenhagen is a registered BMR Benchmark Administrator under the European Benchmark Regulation since July 4, 2019. Benchmark Administrator is regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. The registration allows benchmark users to continue referencing the broad range of financial indices from Nasdaq which are in scope of BMR. 

Nasdaq is fully supportive of the objectives of the BMR in promoting the integrity and transparency of benchmark indices and bringing greater consistency to financial benchmarks. Nasdaq is firmly committed to ensuring the highest standards of index governance.

USER Notification and Consultation

Users will be notified in advance of a material change to a benchmark methodology with the opportunity to comment upon the impact of such proposed material changes. Users will be notified of any issues with the benchmark calculation and rectification hereof.

Status Update:

There are currently no status updates at this time.


As a third-country administrator, Nasdaq, the US is fully committed to seeking endorsement from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority or directly through ESMA as required for those Nasdaq, Inc. proprietary indexes (including, but not limited to the OMXS30, OMXC25, OMXH25, OMX Stockholm Benchmark) for which Nasdaq maintains full oversight and that Nasdaq has identified as be within scope of BMR and have products tracking such Indexes within the European Union.

Nasdaq, Inc. will seek endorsement as expeditiously as possible, but no later than the deadline detailed in Article 51. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/2089 dated November 27, 2019, the deadline has been extended to December 31, 2021.

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Nasdaq strives to provide services of the highest standard to its customers and to conduct its business with integrity. In case of a complaint, please submit it via email to

For more information, please see Complaints Policy.

Oversight Committee

Nasdaq has established an oversight function (”The BMR Oversight Committee”). The role of the BMR Oversight Committee is to ensure oversight of all aspects of the provision of benchmarks.

Composition of the Oversight Committee

Board of Directors of Nasdaq Copenhagen has approved the following individuals as members of the BMR Oversight Committee:

Voting members: 

Gunilla Hellqvist, SVP, Head of Global Market Operations (Chairman)

Andreas Gustafsson,  SVP, General Counsel Europe

Lauren Dillard, EVP, Head of Global Information Services

John Yetter, VP, Co-Chief Compliance Officer. 

Henrik Husman VP, President Nasdaq Helsinki & Nasdaq Nordic Cash Equities Trading 

Non-voting members: 

Rose Marie Wulff 
BMR Compliance Officer 

Christoffer Alknert
Risk Officer

Benchmarks Under Provision

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