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    Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Investment Research & Technical Analysis Platform

    Make smarter investment decisions with help from the Nasdaq Dorsey Wright (NDW) Research Platform featuring:

    • A comprehensive daily report that provides timely market insights and actionable ideas
    • A tactical asset allocation guide, our Dynamic Asset Level Investing Tool (DALI)
    • Guided stock, mutual fund, and exchange traded fund (ETF) models that can be used to gain access to the broad markets, specific asset classes, sector rotation strategies, and other specific subsets of the market
    • A complete technical analysis solution providing an objective classification system and reports for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds around the world
    • Trend and relative strength charts covering over 50,000 stocks, ETFs, and other securities, indicators, and rankings for analyzing opportunities and holdings
    • Daily momentum scores and relative performance updates from our extensive point & figure chart database

    In addition to providing daily market and security-specific commentary, our US-based analyst team is also accessible to subscribers of the research for consultation.

    Key Benefits

    Asset Allocation

    • Determine broad technical outlook of the market to focus portfolio allocations within areas of Relative Strength
    • Use technical indicators to identify when supply or demand is in control of the market


    Idea Generation

    • Pair fundamental lists of “what to buy” with technical insights on “when to buy”
    • Transparent and straightforward rating system for over 50,000 individual stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds that are designed to increase your odds of success over time

    Portfolio Monitoring

    • Upload or construct watchlists to monitor the technical strength of a roster of securities
    • Use our alerts system to stay informed of changes in the technical outlook of a security, portfolio, or the market as a whole


    Model Portfolios

    • Identify leaders based on Relative Strength and build a rules-based, repeatable process
    • Access to 100+ turnkey stock, ETF, and mutual fund model portfolios
    • Build, back test, and implement custom model portfolios


    7.5 million

    Point & Chart charts every night to provide our clients with simple analyses and clear illustrations of when, where, and how assets should be reallocated

    Our Research Methodology: Simple Economics

    Simply stated, Nasdaq Dorsey Wright focuses on the “price” of a security, because it is the ultimate determinant of supply and demand in the marketplace. When you cut through all the red tape on Wall Street, what moves equity prices is supply and demand. It is nothing more than ECONOMICS 101. We know why produce rotates in and out of the market each season; we don't buy summer squash in the winter or winter squash in the summer. The same forces that move prices in the supermarket move the stock market. When all is said and done, if there are more buyers than sellers willing to sell, the price will move higher. If there are more sellers than buyers willing to buy, the price will move lower. Analyzing the price action of a security can yield important information as to what is winning the battle for that security — supply or demand.

    The Point & Figure methodology is a logical, organized way of recording the forces of supply and demand. Nasdaq Dorsey Wright has taken this time-tested approach and given it new life by applying technology. Relative Strength — analyzing the performance of investment options against one another — is a valuable offshoot of Point & Figure.
    Download our Point & Figure white paper 

    Pricing Structure



    What you’re looking for:

    • Access to technical data with less need for Nasdaq Dorsey Wright’s analysis                                  


    What you get:

    • Access to Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Point & Figure chart database
    • Security Screening Tools
    • Strategic Allocation Backtesting Tool
    • Asset Class and Sector Reports
    • Guided ETF Models
    • ETF Analysis Prepared by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Research Team
    • Educational Videos and Webinars


    What you can add:

    • Asset Allocation Guidance
    • Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Relative Strength Ranking Engine
    • Guided Stock and Mutual Fund Models
    • Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Research Recommendations and Analysis



    What you’re looking for:

    • A way to integrate Relative Strength and greater access to Nasdaq Dorsey Wright’s expertise


    What you get:

    • Entire Basic Package Functionality
    • Asset Allocation Guidance
    • Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Relative Strength Ranking Engine
    • Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Research Recommendations and Analysis
    • Guided Stock and Mutual Fund Models
    • Consultation with Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Research Team
    • Sharable Prospecting Content


    What you can add:

    • Greater Model Customization and Backtesting Capability
    • Exclusive Content and Webinars



    What you’re looking for:

    • A fully-customizable, systematic Relative Strength process                                


    What you get now:

    • Entire Platinum Package Functionality         
    • Custom Model Creation System
    • Customizable Fact Sheets         


    What's coming:

    • Microsoft API-enabled watch lists
    • White-Labeled Weekly Client Newsletter
    • Exclusive Webinars


    What you can add:

    • What more can you ask for?

    Contact if you:

    • Are associated with a broker dealer or RIA and want to learn more about our firm partnerships
    • Are a group of advisors interested in a subscription and would like to discuss our volume discount program
    • Are a current college student, professor, or CMT candidate and would like to participate in Academic Program
    • Are an advisor licensed for 10 years or fewer, retired advisor, or non-professional investor and would like to discuss discounted pricing options

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    NDW Terms of Use/Disclosures

    Nasdaq Dorsey Wright is a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Richmond, VA that specializes in technical analysis. Our expertise is in Point & Figure charting and Relative Strength analysis, which we use to analyze market data and deliver actionable insights. Our suite of technical analysis tools and investment strategies help cut through the clutter of day-to-day market action, identifying meaningful patterns in daily share price movements and momentum.

    Point & Figure charting is a method of technical analysis developed by Charles Dow as a means of reducing market noise in a security chart to focus on the all-important relationship between supply and demand in the markets. We believe technical analysis offers an objective, logical approach that can reduce uncertainty in the market, aid in effectively allocating assets, and enable you to manage risk.

    Relative Strength, also known as Momentum, has been proven to be one of the premier investment factors in use today. Numerous studies by both academics and investment professionals have demonstrated that winning securities continue to outperform and that momentum can perform well both within and across markets. Relative Strength is an adaptive, tactical investment strategy based on objective inputs like share price that is designed to participate in long-term themes of strength by providing a method for identifying market leadership. Relative Strength strategies focus on purchasing securities that have already demonstrated the ability to outperform a broad market benchmark or the other securities in the investment universe.

    Using a clear, rules-based methodology, the platform gives you the ability to streamline your investment process with technical tools thereby freeing up your most precious commodity: your time. With tools designed to help you determine the proper asset allocation, select securities, and develop custom rules-based strategies, you can effectively manage your portfolios with greater confidence and still have time to focus on building strong, trusted relationships with every client.

    Nasdaq Dorsey Wright has partnered with many leading fund providers, including First Trust, iShares, and Invesco, to offer a full suite of ETFs and Mutual Funds that leverage our Relative Strength expertise and offer professional management. Additionally, Nasdaq Dorsey Wright’s own portfolio management team manages a suite of Separately Managed Accounts that focus on delivering long-term outperformance through actively managed Relative Strength portfolios.

    Momentum is actually an investment factor that has been shown to work very well when implemented consistently over longer time horizons. Relative Strength’s foundational concept is that those securities, sectors, or markets that have proven the ability to outperform will continue to outperform into the future. As a result, you can use Relative Strength to develop a rules-based process for identifying leadership trends, sticking with those trends for as long as that strength remains, and adapting as new trends emerge. When applied diligently and consistently, a simple process focused on investing in leadership becomes a powerful instrument for driving long-term outperformance.