Key Benefits

  • Tactical Asset Allocation

    Utilizes NDW’s brand of Relative Strength to rank macro asset classes, sectors and industries from strongest to weakest.

  • Portfolio Construction Tools

    More than 100 investible, systematic, rules based strategies constructed with ETFs, stocks, ADRs and mutual funds.

  • Risk Management

    Custom alerts on important price levels for 28,000 global stocks, 5,000 ETFs/Indexes and 19,000 mutual funds.

Pricing Structure

Basic | $79/mth

What you’re looking for:

  • Access to technical data with less need for Nasdaq Dorsey Wright’s analysis                                  


What you get:

  • Access to Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Point & Figure chart database
  • Security Screening Tools
  • Strategic Allocation Backtesting Tool
  • Asset Class and Sector Reports
  • Guided ETF Models
  • ETF Analysis prepared by Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Research Team
  • Educational Videos and Webinars


What you can add:

  • Asset Allocation Guidance
  • Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Relative Strength Ranking Engine
  • Guided Stock and Mutual Fund Models
  • Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Research Recommendations and Analysis

    Platinum | $299/mth

    What you’re looking for:

    • A way to integrate Relative Strength and greater access to Nasdaq Dorsey Wright's expertise


    What you get:

    • Entire Basic Package Functionality
    • Asset Allocation Guidance
    • Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Relative Strength Ranking Engine
    • Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Research Recommendations and Analysis
    • Guided Stock and Mutual Fund Models
    • Consultation with Nasdaq Dorsey Wright's Research Team
    • Sharable Prospecting Content


    What you can add:

    • Greater Model Customization and Backtesting Capability
    • Exclusive Content and Webinars


      Elite | $399/mth

      What you’re looking for:

      • A fully-customizable, systematic Relative Strength process with Nasdaq Dorsey Wright's highest level of research                         


      What you get now:

      • Entire Basic and Platinum Package Functionality         
      • Custom Model Creation System
      • Customizable Fact Sheets         


      What you can add:

      • What more can you ask for?


        Contact if you:

        • Are associated with a broker dealer or RIA and want to learn more about our firm partnerships
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        • Are a current college student, professor, or CMT candidate and would like to participate in our Academic Program
        • Are an advisor licensed for 10 years or fewer, retired advisor, or non-professional investor and would like to discuss discounted pricing options

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