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At Nasdaq, we recognize the importance of being confident that your Board of Directors stay in the know regarding relevant topics facing a company listed on the exchange. Nasdaq board talks is a platform supporting professional development and exchange of experience among board members, where the most relevant topics of interest to the board and leadership team can be discussed in various formats.

Nasdaq board talks provides members of the board the opportunity to:

  • ACCESS relevant information and updates on specific topics, by external and internal experts
  • DISCUSS important topics with peers in roundtable formats (e.g. interpretations of regulations or development within corporate governance)
  • Be part of a NETWORK for board members

Our board talk seminars target board members of companies listed at Nasdaq Nordic, however our resource center is available to all. Here you will find summaries from our latest seminars, in written form and in the shape of short videos, as well as other content of interest to board and leadership teams of public companies. 

Recent Seminars

Resource Center

How can Nasdaq board talks help your Board members?

Access Relevant Information

Your Board members will have unparalleled access to updates on relevant topics led by internal and external experts

Discuss Topics with Peers

A key benefit of board talks is the ability to engage other board and leadership teams in roundtable formats, panels, and seminars

Expand Your Network

Our platform supports the continued professional development and exchange of experience among board members

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