Nasdaq ESG Advisory Program

With the Nasdaq ESG Advisory Program, your company can analyze, assess and action ESG programs, attract long-term capital and enhance value creation.

How do we help our clients?

Flexible Program Design

Offer flexibility in program design for companies at different points on their ESG adoption curve

Provide Guidance

Provide guidance on the utility, effectiveness, and influence of the various data providers and ESG reporting frameworks

Secure Long-Term Capital

Help companies position themselves to capture the growing pool of ESG-dedicated capital & investors incorporating ESG metrics into their investment process

Nasdaq Supports Issuers

Secure the Economic & Brand Benefits of ESG

  • I’ve got a great ESG story…Now what?

    We have a great ESG story to tell, but we’re not yet telling it publicly. Help us “get started” with guidance around foundational metrics we can disclose and how we can begin to develop/share that message. Our immediate concern is our upcoming Proxy.
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Additional Thought Leadership

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