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    The Dividend History page provides a single page to review all of the aggregated Dividend payment information. Visit our Dividend Calendar: Please note that the dividend history for Nasdaq stocks may also be combined the regular with the special dividend. Our partner, Quotemedia, provides the upcoming ex-dividend dates for the next month (Other OTC & OTCBB stocks are not included in coverage for Dividend History).  Please note that the dividend history might include the company’s preferred securities as well. Price/Earnings Ratio is a widely used stock evaluation measure. For a security, the Price/Earnings Ratio is given by dividing the Last Sale Price by the Actual EPS (Earnings Per Share).

    Data Disclaimer: The Nasdaq Indices and the Major Indices are delayed at least 1 minute.

    • Real-time Data is provided using Nasdaq Last Sale Data


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    About Dividend History

    Nasdaq Dividend History provides straightforward stock’s historical dividends data. Dividend payout record can be used to gauge the company's long-term performance when analyzing individual stocks.