BRK.B Institutional Holdings

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Institutional Holdings is currently not available.

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Institutional Holdings is currently not available.
Institutional Holdings is currently not available.

Institutional Holdings information is filed by major institutions on form 13-F with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Major institutions are defined as firms or individuals that exercise investment discretion, over the assets of others, in excess of $100 Million. Major institutions include financial holdings companies, banks, insurance companies, mutual fund managers, portfolio managers, self managed pension and endowment funds. The report is limited to equity securities, including common and equivalents, convertible preferred and convertible bonds. The report does not include fixed income, real estate, or cash equivalents. Reports are filed within 45 days after calendar quarter end with the vast majority of updates occurring near the 45th day of the quarter.

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About Institutional Holdings

Nasdaq provides the ownership stake information in a company, including the number of shares held by those institutions in a firm, along with recent purchases and sales information.

Institutional Holdings information can be used to gauge the volatility and value on the company’s stock.