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Glean the Latest Institutional Trends With Nasdaq’s eVestment

Nasdaq's eVestment is a leading source of institutional intelligence worldwide, serving asset managers, asset owners, and investment consultants in over 40 countries. eVestment data allows us to uncover the themes, trends, and shifts impacting asset managers around the world. Get a glimpse of the latest trends in global asset movement and investor research activity, highlights of the risks and opportunities facing managers, and ESG updates in our latest webcast.

Here are the highlights from Q4 2022:

  • The net institutional flow for traditional non-cash strategies was negative for a fifth consecutive quarter in Q4 2022. The volume of (net) asset movement during the quarter increased slightly from Q3, though it was still lower than the prior five-year average. The volume of net inflows over the last three quarters has consistently been at the lowest levels of the last five years.
  • The primary theme across the Q4 net flow drivers was of fixed income over equities, with a couple of exceptions. Both Global Enhanced Equity and Canadian All Cap Core Equity saw net inflows, reversing a trend of outflows over the prior four quarters.
  • US institutional investors shifted their research activity away from Global Emerging Mkts strategies, both equity and fixed income, to focus more heavily on US and non-US equity strategies, with a focus on Large Cap universes. Canadian investors shifted attention away from Global Equity to domestic Core and Long Duration strategies. Across all world regions, Global Large Cap Core Equity, Global All Cap Core Equity, and Global Emerging Markets All Cap Core Equity all received significant research attention.
  • Win-rates, or the percentage of managers seeing positive net flows within a universe, continued to decline in Q4 relative to the prior four quarters across most, though hardly all, universes.

You can learn more about eVestment data and institutional trends in our latest quarterly briefing, featuring commentary Ryan J. Fanning, a Principal and Head of Equities Research with consultant Prime Buchholz.

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