AML Monitoring in a COVID-19 World

AI-based anti-money laundering (AML) solutions enable banks to improve efficiency, manage and mitigate risk, and take the high ground in the battle against financial crime.

Anti-money laundering

Banks have several tools to prevent and detect money laundering. But the prowess and motivation of money launderers, the number of methods they use, the volume of alerts, changing behavior patterns and high compliance costs often thwart efforts to stop it.

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will be laundered, and most will go unreported
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COVID-19 & A Changing Financial Crime Landscape
The effort it takes to stay one step ahead of financial criminals should not be underestimated, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made AML surveillance even more challenging. Because of the lockdowns, people have changed their buying behavior, Further, some clients may have been driven to engage in riskier activities to find new sources of income.
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will be laundered, and most will go unreported

What are the key issues in AML investigation?

Alert volumes

Substantial alert volumes with 98% of investigations leading to dead ends

Investigation process

Inconsistent investigative procedures from analyst to analyst

Inconsistent parameters

Regulatory exposure from gaps in parameter settings

Sophisticated criminals

Sophisticated criminals consistently changing tactics to thwart investigations

Operational costs

Expensive operational costs make the investigations complicated and difficult to execute

Third-party consultants

Employment of consultants to reduce alert backlog when volumes increase due to widespread behavior change

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Nasdaq's Partnership with Caspian

Nasdaq Ventures Invests in Automated Financial Crime Investigations Firm Caspian

Investment bolsters Nasdaq Ventures portfolio of tech innovators; Caspian to expand AML offerings in partnership with Nasdaq

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Nasdaq Ventures invests in Caspian
Caspian’s proven solution solves a huge pain point in the industry, dramatically increasing analyst productivity and resulting in meaningful cost-savings for bank compliance teams.
Chris Brannigan, CEO
Harnesses machine learning with human expertise to help banks fight money laundering
Caspian, an industry leader in automated AML investigation technology, will accelerate its product expansion and scale of its award-winning platform, AML Investigator. Nasdaq’s leading position in financial crime will accelerate Caspian’s go-to-market, with the company’s expertise supporting growth at scale.
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