Bell Ceremonies

Strive Rings the Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell Celebrating Core Solutions ETFs


Strive Asset Management ("Strive") commemorates its core solutions ETFs (Nasdaq: STXK, STXD, STXG, STXV) and visits the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square. Strive's index funds are nearly identical to those offered by other large asset managers. The difference is the message Strive delivers to the companies in which it invests: focus solely on value maximization. These funds are part of Strive’s newly launched American Excellence Series Model Portfolios that offer an affordable approach to portfolio management with Strive's pro-fiduciary mandate. The portfolios provide investors with risk tolerance options ranging from conservative to aggressive, with customized solutions available upon request. The Strive American Excellence Series Model portfolios are currently available on TD Ameritrade and Charles Schwab. Investors can learn more at "Our clients are the driving force behind everything we do at Strive," said Anson Frericks, Strive Co-Founder and President. "Once investors asked for core solutions ETFs and model portfolios to easily access multiple Strive products that deliver our pro-excellence mandate to corporate America, we worked diligently to deliver. Customer centricity will always be Strive's top priority: our customers want simple investment options that maximize value, not promote other large asset managers' 'values.'" In honor of the occasion, Anson Frericks, Co-Founder and President of Strive, rings the Closing Bell.

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