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Behind the Bell: Solidion Technology Inc.


In this episode of Behind the Bell, Solidion Technology Inc. Chairman & CEO Jaymes Winters speaks to what it means for the leading battery materials supplier to be Nasdaq-listed.


This is a great accolade, a great moment of recognition, but it's just a start.

The new company, a merged company, Solidion Technology Inc., is a battery materials company. At the onset, we are really engaged in making materials for the battery as opposed to the battery cell itself for EV vehicles. In this sector, I'm reasonably certain you're going to see increased mileage from the EV vehicles. They'll be less expensive than a combustion engine and they won't require as much recharging as they currently do.

Nasdaq is the cornerstone of American capitalism. It's where everybody gets an opportunity to prove that their business is worthwhile and let’s every shareholder or potential shareholder have a stake in it. So, it does mean a lot to us. I think we're coming in at the right time in history to take advantage of the future.

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